Wool Compression Socks

Whether you live in a hot or cold climate, wool compression socks are still some of the best natural compression socks you can get for yourself! Read on for further information about different kinds of compression socks, what fabric blends the best with wool fibers and what some of the best wool compression sock features are.

Wool Compression Socks

Different Types of Compression Socks

A compression sock is a specialized type of sock that slightly applies pressure in bands around your feet, ankles, and calves. This improves blood flow and helps alleviate pain and tension in these areas. Compression socks differ according to length, style as well as the amount of compression they give.

Here we will discuss compression socks in terms of the different types of pressure they provide.

  • Low Pressure – a low pressure compression sock typically places a pressure of 5-10mmHg. These are ideal socks for those who suffer mild foot fatigue.
  • Medium Pressure – medium pressure compression socks fall in a pressure range of 10-20mmHg. They are ideal for swollen feet, foot injuries, plantar fasciitis, edema, foot fatigue, improved blood flow and more.
  • High Pressure – these socks give a range of pressure from 20-30mmHg and are usually reserved for medical conditions like diabetes. Consult your medical practitioner before buying a pair of compression socks like these.

Best Wool Compression Sock Fiber Blends

Wool is a fantastic sock fiber to use, being naturally temperature regulating, breathable, fire proof and moisture wicking all year round. However, your compression socks can be even more indulgent with the addition of any of these fibers:

  • Spandex – spandex will add a stretch element to your compression socks, allowing for a much easier fit. This fiber is also known as lycra or elastane.
  • Merino Wool – Merino Wool is an incredibly fine sheep wool that is the best form of wool you can find. It’s incredibly soft and can be used in either hot or cold weather extremes.
  • Acrylic – acrylic is a synthetic wool substitute that is just as soft as wool.
  • Cotton – cotton added to wool socks makes the fabric feel softer and more luxurious. If the sock is not made from merino wool, some cotton added to the blend is a good substitute.
  • Nylon – nylon is used to strengthen a compression sock and can also be used to make heel, toe or arch pads under the feet for additional comfort.

The Best Characteristics of Wool Compression Socks

Here are some of the best wool compression sock features to keep your eyes peeled for.

  • Seamless Socks – Most blistering is caused by rubbing of the seams against one’s foot. Seamless socks are good for protection from friction and blisters.
  • Graded Pressure – Some of the best medical compression socks use all three of the pressure types (low, medium and high) at different points on the sock. This makes these socks more selective towards problem areas and thus much more comfortable.
  • Padded Protection – micro padding underneath the feet can greatly help fight foot fatigue and keep your feet protected and pain free.
  • Reinforced Heels & Toes – if the heels and the toes are reinforced, the sock will last a much longer period of time.
  • Elastic Free – a good pair of compression socks should not need an elastic band to hold them up. They should be tight enough to stay up.

Top Quality Wool Compression Sock Reviews

Have a look at our selection of quality wool compression socks and choose the ones that suite you the best!

  • These compression socks are made of a good quality wool acrylic blend for a softer, more durable sock.
  • Keep your blood circulation at its peak all day long with a pair of these fantastic compression socks.
  • The compression is graded in these socks for the best medical pressure alleviation results.
  • The least compression is under the knee, with the most compression at the foot and ankle (15-20 mmHg).
  • These wool blend socks have foot padding under the foot area to help support arches and cushion the feet.
  • Ideal for varicose veins, diabetics, Plantar fasciitis, swelling and athletes.

  • These wool compression socks are made using a blend of wool, acrylic and spandex to provide a non-constricting, comfortable compression.
  • The classic rib knit design of the sock gives them superior ventilation, allowing your feet and calves to remain at a constant temperature for the whole day.
  • The toes and heels of this sock are entirely seamless, making these compression socks softer and blister proof.
  • This sock uses a graded variation of medical compression to promote optimal blood flow from your foot to your knees.
  • Use these socks to hike in, to reduce swelling, arthritis, pain alleviation, plantar fasciitis, diabetics, pregnancy and much more!

  • These seamless compression socks help to move oxygen through your legs and keep you on your feet all day.
  • This sock comes with padded protection areas under the foot, around the ankles, on the Achilles tendon, and around the skin.
  • These merino wool compression socks are moisture wicking, keeping your feet dry and fresh.
  • Wear these compression socks all year round in any climate and enjoy how well they insulate and regulate temperature.
  • Helps to improve those with foot swellings, sore or tired legs, injuries and more.

  • Here are a superb pair of non-constriciting compression socks that are made without using nylon.
  • The fabric blend consists of 40% wool, 53% cotton, and 7% spandex, making these socks incredibly soft and comfortable.
  • Each sock is designed anatomically for both right and left feet.
  • The heels and toes have been reinforced for added stability and cushioning.
  • These socks provide a compression gradient of 15-20mmHg, helping foot and ankle swellings with medium pressure.
  • There is no elastic, and the sock is entirely seamless, which means it will not leave marks or restrict your blood flow in unwanted ways.

  • Here is another premium pair of merino wool compression socks that also double up as the ultimate running or hiking socks.
  • The graded pressure is at it’s strongest in the ankles and feet, and it’s weakest just below the knees.
  • The wool is of superior quality, keeping your feet warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Merino wool is moisture wicking, providing your feet with a quick drying action.
  • Improve your circulation or stabilize shin splints, either way, these compression socks will up your game!
  • Ideal for everyday use, travel or for athletes.

Comparison Table for the Best Wool Compression Socks