Women’s Dress Socks

Each woman has her own sense of style and needs when it comes down to choosing the best pair of women’s dress socks. For more information, read on below to find out about different types of dress socks for women, pointers to consider before purchasing online as well as some of the best features of women’s dress socks.

Women’s Dress Socks

Comparison Table for the Best Women’s Dress Socks

Different Types of Women’s Dress Socks

These types of dress socks are the most commonly bought for and appreciated by women.

  • Knee High Compression Socks – compression socks apply varying levels of pressure or compression along the foot, ankle, and calf. This promotes enhanced blood circulation and often gives the impression of feeling more energetic throughout the day. Many female nurses, doctors, athletes and other active professionals enjoy wearing knee high compression socks to prevent foot fatigue and remain on top of their game.
  • Hosiery – some women enjoy wearing hosiery or stocking socks, made from transparent nylon such as stockings. These socks are great if you wish to have the look and feel of wearing stockings under trousers but do not want the full length. Hosiery is also preferred by many women because it’s very finely woven, breathable and comfortable.
  • Cotton Dress Socks – cotton dress sock’s are the most popular dress socks for both men and women. Cotton is one of the softest natural fibers in the world, keeping feet feeling pampered and fresh.
  • Wool Dress Socks – wool is a very versatile fiber and is largely used for women’s dress socks in colder climates. Wool is flame resistant, breathable, comfortable and even has some antimicrobial properties. Some summer dress socks are made from skinny layers of fine wool (like Merino Wool) for its excellent moisture wicking properties, making it ideal for keeping sweaty feet entirely dry.

Women’s Dress Sock Buying Considerations

Before buying a pair of dress socks, it’s best to take these points into consideration:

  1. Durability – Usually, socks made from natural fibers like wool or cotton last through multiple washes but wear out faster than synthetic varieties when it comes to walking in them. The most durable socks are made from a blend of either cotton or wool with a strong synthetic fiber like nylon.
  2. Stretch and Sizing – If you are ordering a pair of socks online, sizing is one of the biggest hiccups. Many online sock vendors will have different foot sizes for you to choose from, but in the case of “one size fits all,, ” you will want to check the materials. If you have swollen or large feet, make sure there is 8% or more of Spandex in the sock so it can stretch to accommodate you.

Best Women’s Dress Sock Features

Some of the best dress socks have these fantastic features that keep feet feeling indulged from the word go!

  • Padding – if your feet ache a lot, some underfoot padding is a great benefit to you. Reinforced heel and toe padding will keep excessive pressure off your feet and fend off foot fatigue.
  • Non-Binding – most women do not appreciate having marks on their calves or ankles after taking their socks off. This is where non-binding dress socks are the best option because they do not have an elastic in them to keep them up and therefore leave no marks. If a non-binding sock leaves a mark on your skin after use, it is likely too small for you.
  • Moisture Wicking – nobody likes to stand in puddles of their sweat all day! Socks have been developed that keep feet instantaneously dry all day, quickly absorbing moisture before letting it dry off in minutes. The main fiber used to achieve this effect is olefin, but merino wool can also be used to the same effect.
  • Odor Resistance – if smelly feet are your worst nightmare then look for a pair of odor resistant dress socks to keep the smell away. Some dress socks have been infused with de-odorising fibers to keep shoes and feet smelling fresh after you take your socks off.
  • Seamless – most socks have a seam, and it’s usually kept near the front of the sock by the toe portion. For many individuals, this seam creates a lot of friction and often leads to blisters. Seamless socks have been invented that do not have a seam at all, eliminating this issue entirely.

Women’s Dress Sock Reviews

Here we have reviewed a few different types of women’s dress socks, all of which are available for purchase.

  • These ladies dress socks are made from 70% Bamboo and 30% spandex, making them very comfortable and ideal for those with swollen feet.
  • Ideal for diabetics, nurses, swollen feet, edema and many more conditions that require non-binding socks!
  • These dress socks are 100% seamless, removing irritating and painful frictions that can create blisters.
  • Bamboo is naturally odor resistant and will keep your shoes in a pleasant, smell-free condition.
  • Keep your feet perfectly dry with these dress socks that have excellent moisture wicking ability.
  • The socks are durable and can be machine washed.
  • Comes in a pack of 6.

  • These cotton bamboo knee high dress socks are great for use anywhere at any time, whether you want a pair of casual socks, work socks or boot socks.
  • Made from 40% cotton, 33% rayon and 25% nylon, these socks are designed to feel comfortable, supportive and breathable.
  • 2% spandex allows for enough stretch to accommodate most sizes while staying comfortably up on your leg.
  • Ideal for keeping legs warm in cold weather (although not in extremely cold weather or snow).
  • Available as a pack of 3 and comes in a variety of colors to choose from to match your style!

  • Enerwear dress socks are made from a special synthetic blend of Lenzing Modal and 15% spandex for long lasting comfort.
  • 15% spandex makes these dress socks great for anyone who needs a non-binding pair of socks.
  • Designed to be durable and last, these synthetic socks may be washed in the washing machine as well as tumble dried.
  • Infused with natural Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to keep skin soft, moisturized and soothed!
  • Comes included with Edelweiss moisture wicking technology to keep your feet perspiration free.
  • These dress socks are also antimicrobial and anti-odors.
  • Available in a set of 6.

  • These sheer stocking socks are ideal for any work or formal occasions, but are equally comfortable enough to wear casually around the house.
  • A reinforced toe helps to keep your toes secure and also makes sure that the socks are impervious to snagging or tearing.
  • The non-binding elastic ensures the socks stay up for the entire duration you wear them for.
  • The fine mesh of these dress socks allows feet to breathe and feel pampered.
  • Enjoy the soft silky feel of these polyamide hosiery dress socks all year round.

  • These no show dress socks are great for both men or women and are designed to be worn for formal, athletic or casual use.
  • Step up your game with these dress socks that are lightweight and exceptionally comfortable.
  • Made from 70% cotton and 18% spandex, these socks will fit most feet and are naturally breathable.
  • 12% polyester adds durability and reinforces the socks for additional padded comfort.
  • These dress socks are seamless and will cause blisters or friction inside your shoes.
  • Comes in a pack of 6 and available in neutral tones.