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Are your calves 20 plus inches wide, and no matter what you try, it’s impossible to find boot socks that fit AND stay up? That’s where this post steps in to help!

For more, read further to learn about where you can find boot socks to fit your legs as well as what features an excellent large calf sock should possess for maximum comfort.

Wide Calf Socks Loose Fit Stays Up Women's and Men's Socks

Common Problems Large People Experience With Boot Socks

If you are a larger individual that has decided to vamp up your wardrobe with boots or suddenly got a job that demands wearing boots, there are a few issues you will need to know about first. The boot is one side of the conundrum, but a boot sock is another entirely!

You need to make sure that your socks are not:

  1. Too Small – naturally most socks will be too small for a larger individual. Make sure you know your foot size and look for special extra big sizes. Many socks look big enough or seem able to stretch, but that does not mean it will fit your feet.
  2. Falling Down – A sock may fit you and then when you want to look good in your boots, they will keep falling because the calf part is not wide enough. Some are happy to use gel to slick them up; others use elastic bands. Neither of these solutions is helpful to your condition, in the long run, both of them leading to further expenses.
  3. Restricting Blood Flow – some socks stay up on your legs thanks to tight elastic components. If this restricts your blood flow, you are in trouble, especially if you have a difficult feeling your feet. Modern boot socks are made very finely with specialized fibers that can comfortably stay on without blocking off your blood supply.
  4. Blocking Breathability – sweaty feet can lead to foot infections, which can be dangerous if you can’t see your feet when you look down! All the horror stories of diabetic feet amputations are there for a reason. Luckily modern fabrics come with moisture elimination systems to prevent a build-up of sweat. Keeping your feet clean should take care of the rest!

Why A Specialised Sock May Be More Beneficial Than Just a Larger Sock

If you have wide calves, it could be due to a variety of different reasons, and most of those reasons are related to medical conditions. Those who are obese will likely suffer from diabetes, high or low blood pressure conditions, stiffness in the joints, varicose veins, excessive sweatiness, and more. This is where a specialized sock comes in super handy (not just one that stays up!).

Specialized socks for these sorts of conditions are usually all labeled diabetic socks, even though they can help alleviate a number of different symptoms. They are generally very soft, a little thicker, very breathable, very flexible, and have less in the way to cause friction. This is especially important for those with blood flow problems because, as with diabetics, you stand a chance of hurting your feet and not feeling it. Wearing specialized boot socks such as these will prevent blisters, lessen the chance of injury to the feet and make your feet feel like they are being pampered all day.

Features of a Good Boot Sock for Larger Individuals

These are some of the best boot sock features that can keep your feet safe and hold your socks up high.

  • Seamless – socks that have no seams allow much less friction to occur. Usually, that means no more blisters and lots more comfort!
  • Olefin Dual Layer Moisture Elimination – olefin is the material that swims suits are made from for its fast drying properties. In some socks, this has been taken to the next level with a dual-layer, extracting the moisture from the inner to the outer layer. This results in an absolutely dry foot all day long.
  • Stretchy Spandex – spandex or lycra (same thing) are the stretchiest fabrics known to the fabric production world currently. Even just 1% can make a world of difference inside a sock, creating a stretch fiber blend that fits your foot comfortably. When combined with cotton, merino wool, acrylic or olefin, the most comfortable socks are born.
  • Padded Feet Arches – with the invention of orthotics for feet, sock manufacturers started to get inventive with the padding underneath the socks themselves. Some socks come with incredibly fine thicker parts under the arches of your feet just to provide slight pressure relief and a lot more comfort!
  • Wider Calves – of course, the main feature you want is a sock with a stretch fit calf option. Avoid socks with inbuilt elastics or seams and try to find those with higher concentrations of spandex. It also helps to measure how many inches your calves are as many larger socks mention how wide they can stretch.

Reviews: Best Wide Calf Boot Socks

After lots of searching far and wide, these are some of the best wide calf boot socks that we could find available for purchase online.

Score: 98
  • These socks are made from 65% cotton, 33% spandex and 2% spandex which will make for a very sturdy, breathable and stretchy sock!
  • Completely seamless, you never need to worry that your feet will blister or bruise inside your shoes.
  • These socks can be worn by men and women.
  • Not suitable for calves measuring more than 21 inches in circumference.
  • These socks are also available in many other fun colors, patterns, and designs, the signature of Sock It To Me’s incredible range.
  • Ideal socks for diabetics or obese people who need a pair of comfortable boot socks to work with.

  • These socks have helped many wide calves find a perfect match for themselves.
  • When you make an order, you can give the measurement of your calf (up to 22 inches wide), and the manufacturers will send you a custom size!
  • It is made from nylon, polyester, and spandex for a tight, comforting fit.
  • These comfortable socks are meant for mild compression to aid swelling feet that suffer from pain day in and day out (some diabetics will not be able to wear these socks).
  • It comes with a three-month guarantee to allow you to take your time to decide if you want to wear them or not.
  • These socks are anatomically made to cushion your feet with built-in footpads and a 200 thread count.
Score: 95 By John Max

  • These primarily acrylic socks are made with the wide calf person in mind, being able to stretch up to 40% more than average socks.
  • The socks are thicker and made for use in winter boots.
  • Most people love just how soft these socks feel on their feet.
  • While these socks are not seamless, the extra soft toe seams are specially stitched out of the way to avoid causing any harm.
  • Ideal for edema, swelling, diabetics, and those who have calves that are larger than life!
  • Available in three different colors.
  • Made in the USA.
Score: 96 By John Max

  • These nearly pure cotton socks are so soft on the feet, you won’t want to ever take them off!
  • Up to 20% wider in the foot and calf portions, these socks should not restrict blood circulation.
  • 2% spandex and 7% nylon added to the cotton allow it to stretch to a comfortable fit around the most wider calf sizes.
  • Ideal for those with swollen feet, swollen calves, diabetics, or similar conditions.
  • Work all day long without feeling sore due to faulty socks.
  • Available in a pack of three and in three different colors.
  • Made in the US.
Score: 97 By John Max

  • These socks are made for superior fit from superior quality materials!
  • The calf portion of these socks stretches up to 25% more than ordinary socks.
  • Although not seamless, the seams are designed in a ring toe design, which makes them entirely diabetic friendly.
  • The sock is made of mostly cotton, with nylon and spandex, to complete the loose fit comfort that stays up on your legs.
  • The soles of these socks are cushioned with extra fine stitchwork to support your feet.
  • Ideal for swollen calves or feet to help them feel better and provide pressure relief.
  • These socks are very durable and will last you a long time.
  • Made in the USA.
Score: 97 By John Max

  • These are probably the widest calf knee high boot stocking socks you will find.
  • Made from a crazy 16% spandex, these socks can stretch up to 24 inches (sometimes more) without restricting blood supply to the feet!
  • These socks are so stretchy that if you have calves under 20 inches in size, you will not be able to wear these without them falling.
  • If your legs are in a cast and you need large socks to wear over, these can also double as post-surgical socks to stretch over bandages.
  • Perfect to those who suffer from lymphedema, lipedema, edema, obesity, diabetes, and more.
  • The majority of the sock is made with very soft cotton for the best breathability and comfort.
Score: 94 By John Max

Comparison Table: Top Wide Calf Boot Socks

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