Thigh High Wool Socks

Thick or thin, thigh high wool socks are a must-have in any fashionista’s wardrobe for looking classy in boots or snuggling up on a cold day. In this buyer’s guide, we help you understand what makes a wool sock exceptional as well as how to choose the right thigh high sock size for you.

Thigh High Wool Socks

Comparison Table for the Best Thigh High Wool Socks

A Look At Wool Sock Fibers

Here’s where fashion meets functionality. Buying a wool sock because it looks good is not a sure way to find a pair that you’ll enjoy. One of the most important things to consider before buying a wool sock is the blend of fibers used. Read below for more information on what each of them does for you.

  • Wool – wool fibers are great because they are completely natural, flame resilient, as well as one of the best insulators. Wool keeps the heat in during Winter and wicks moisture away during Summer. The problem with wool is that it is often very chunky and sometimes it can be scratchy. A wool blend with a soft material, such as cotton, yields even better results with superior comfort and softness.
  • Merino Wool – this is the best type of wool available on the market. Merino wool is incredibly fine, even finer than a human hair! It feels very soft and is used in many different types of socks because it’s also very quick drying. On top of these great features, it still comes with all the same features of ordinary wool too.
  • Acrylic – Acrylic is a synthetic fiber that was based off wool. It usually softens wool blends, makes them last longer after being washed and also allows for color to be set into them more easily.
  • Spandex – spandex (or lycra or elastane) is the fiber you will see in your socks that lets you know it will stretch to fit. Even as little as 1% can make a huge difference to the sock.
  • Cotton – Cotton is breathable, soft, durable and much finer than wool itself. When wool and cotton are blended, it results in a very high thread count and unmatched quality.
  • Nylon – Nylon is a stable fiber, used to give socks a more rigid shape or to give the sock additional cushioning underneath the feet.

How To Get The Best Thigh High Wool Sock Fit

Knowing if a sock will fit by looking at them online can be rather daunting until you’ve got it right for the first time. There are a few precautions you can take before doing it.

  1. Take Measurements – The best measurements to take for thigh high socks are the length of your legs, your thighs, just below the knees and around your ankles. Look at the measurements on the page and check for the circumference of the sock, as well as the length. A long sock may be able to stretch over your thighs at the cost of some of the length. If any parts of your legs are out of proportion or swollen, it’s always a good idea to get a size larger.
  2. Know Your Shoe Size – many socks will say that the sock fits a range of shoe sizes. This means that the sock is one size, but it might still be a better idea to get the next size up unless on the low end of the foot size range.
  3. Check the Fibers Used – If you are concerned that your legs won’t fit into some of these socks, find a pair with as much spandex in them as possible to help! Without spandex, the sock may be a tight fit, but with spandex, it has a much higher chance of accommodating your shape. Some socks have more than 10% spandex in them, making them able to stretch just about any size. Be aware of the length of the socks though!

The Best Features of Thigh High Wool Socks in 2017

Here are some great thigh high sock features that you should keep your eyes peeled for!

  • Cable Knit – cable knit looks fashionable, but it also allows for better insulation, keeping your legs warm and letting off excessive heat when necessary.
  • Mild Compression – a tight fitting sock is not always a bad thing. Many tight fitting socks have a mild level of compression that provides additional comfort, especially if the blood flow is stagnant in your legs and feet.
  • Extra Length – extra length is always good because you can decide to wear the socks in many more styles. Fold them over, scrunch them up or wear them fully rolled up, either way, they will look great! Extra length also gives you more leeway if you are worried about not fitting into them.
  • No Elastic – elastic bands in thigh high socks are not good. They leave marks on your legs and can cause your circulation to be restricted.
  • Seamless – seamless socks are the future of all socks. Without a seam inside the sock to rub against your toes or heel, the sock becomes a lot softer as well as blister resistant.

Thigh High Wool Sock Reviews

Have a look at our great selection of socks below and choose the one that matches your style the best!

  • These boot socks span up to 25.5 inches, keeping your legs warm up until your thighs.
  • They are made from a superior stretch cotton wool blend, to ensure that they feel as soft and cozy as they look!
  • The cable knit pattern allows for your skin to breathe easily and keeps your temperature constant and secure.
  • Wear these pulled right up without the pom pom, roll them down over your boots or wearing them as leggings over tights.
  • These thigh high wool boot socks were made with enough spandex in the mix to fit most legs.

  • Here is a pair of thigh high boot socks that are made from 80% cotton and 20% of a stretch wool fiber blend.
  • Designed for superior comfort with the best quality materials, the socks have been very finely knitted in a crocheted pattern for that vintage appeal.
  • The blending of wool with cotton makes these thigh high socks a pair of the softest around with a very high thread count!
  • If your blood flow is weak, these socks can help alleviate pressure in your feet, ankles, knees and calves by providing a pleasant mild compression.
  • Wear these any way you like, as stockings, leg warmers, boot socks, office wear, casually at home and so much more.

  • These thigh high boot socks have been designed in a classic cable knit style and are able to dress your outfit up or down as you desire.
  • Choose from a wide selection of 8 different colors to match your personality.
  • Made from 80% Cotton, 12% Nylon and 8% of an Acrylic Stretch fiber blend, making these socks stable, comfortable, soft and moisture wicking!
  • Wear these thigh high socks all year round with everything in your closet.
  • The classic style makes these socks agreeable with both formal and casual items.
  • Suitable for women who range between 5ft and 5ft 7 inches.

  • If you are worried about a thigh high sock fitting your large thighs, look no further!
  • These socks are made with an extra long length and are likely to need folding over at the top of your legs.
  • Made using 5% nylon for an additional 2-3inch circumference stretch factor.
  • The design on this thigh high boot sock is very intricate and emulates the feel of vintage lace.
  • Add some class to your Summer or Winter wardrobe with these gorgeous elongated thigh high socks!
  • The texture of these socks is very soft, thanks to the cotton wool blend.

  • These ultra stylish merino wool socks are a must have in any thigh high sock enthusiasts wardrobe.
  • The pattern used to knit the fine wool fibers together emulates scales, adding a unique texture to your outfit’s aesthetics.
  • Merino wool is the best quality of wool in the entire world, able to keep your legs warm, dry and feeling comfortable all day long!
  • Nylon fibers blended into the wool give these socks a long lasting durability and extra strength.
  • Never worry about these elastic-free socks falling, as they will fit snugly enough to stay up.
  • Imported from Italy.