Thigh High Compression Socks

If your legs or feet cramp often or you suffer from poor circulation, then you should look at investing in a good pair of thigh-high compression socks.

Please scroll down for more about how compression socks work and their benefits and best features.

How Thigh High Compression Socks Work

Compression socks all work the same way, whether they are quarter socks, knee highs, or thigh-high compression socks.

In principle, compression socks or stockings are tight-fitting and give your feet and legs a bit of a squeeze.
This causes the blood circulation in your legs to revert to microcirculation, which quickly pushes blood through from the feet to the rest of your body.

The enhanced circulation makes your heart beat a little bit faster and is often prescribed by doctors for those with poor circulation.

If you suffer from Shin Splints, you can also use compression socks for shin splints which can provide you with immense relief.
Nurses, doctors, pregnant moms, and those on their feet all day long have also found these useful for warding off fatigue. If you are a sports player, thigh-high compression socks can ‘up your game’ by enhancing stamina and performance.

The Benefits of Using Thigh High Compression Socks

Here are five well-known benefits of using thigh-high compression socks.

  1. Extra Energy – It’s no secret that compression socks improve energy levels by boosting heart rate and blood circulation. More oxygen circulating your body means more energy!
  2. Cramp Relief – If you suffer from foot or leg cramping, compression socks will help prevent them by holding a firm grip around these areas. Increased circulation also aids in reducing muscle spasms.
  3. Pain Alleviation – If you have swollen or tired feet that ache all day, compression socks will do a great deal to alleviate the pain. They fend off foot fatigue, cramps and help lower swelling, thus effectively reducing foot pressure and pain. Many compression socks also apply acupressure to pressure points, giving your legs and feet an indirect message.
  4. Ultra Slimming – Since compression socks are tighter than usual socks, they are usually incredibly slimming. Particularly if you wear a black pair, they will make your legs seem a size slimmer than they truly are.
  5. Reduces Swelling – Compression socks enhance blood flow which reduces swelling. Edema patients sometimes report even up to a 50% reduction in their symptoms!

Features of a Good Thigh High Compression Sock

These compression sock features are some of the best that you’ll find when purchasing your pair.

  • Antibacterial – A pair of antibacterial compression socks will help you to wear the socks for long periods of time without incurring infections. It also helps keep odors at bay as one of the top causes of bodily odors is bacterial buildup.
  • Moisture Wicking – Make sure your compression socks are moisture-wicking! If not, they will make you sweat all day. Moisture-wicking socks are highly absorbent and dry quickly, keeping your legs and feet dry.
  • Graduated Compression – There are difference types of compression socks: low, medium and heavy. A graduated compression sock includes all three into one, making it more effective than either on its own.
  • Seamless – Seamless socks are socks that do not have any seams, which tend to rub and cause blisters.
  • Reinforced Toe & Heel – A reinforced heel and toe in a sock design ensures that the sock is more durable and lasts through more washes.

Reviews: Best Thigh High Compression Socks

Browse our reviews of the best thigh high compression socks available for online order.

  • These compression socks are graduated for the best possible compression results, helping to reduce swelling and pain.
  • Choose from 3 different kinds of thigh-high compression socks, from the open toe, closed-toe, to thigh-high leggings.
  • 3D knitted to ensure no seams or excess friction. These socks are smooth, comfortable, and long-lasting.
  • Antibacterial and moisture-wicking, you will feel comfortable all day and will not get tired at all!
  • Ideal for those with varicose veins, edema, pregnancy, or who are on their feet all day long.
  • Note: the compression socks that stop at the ankle are not suitable for edema or those with swollen feet.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Improve Blood Flow20%90
Reduce Swelling15%95
Total Score100%96.25

  • These comfortable graduated compression socks use a high compression of between 20-30 mmHg to keep you on the go all day long!
  • Made from highly absorbent stretch fabric, the material dries quickly and allows your skin to breathe, making it a perfect sock for everyday use.
  • The closed-toe design makes these compression socks ideal for everyone, including edema sufferers.
  • Seamless and antibacterial, you’ll never have to worry about blisters, foot fungus, or odors ever again.
  • Say goodbye to foot fatigue and hello to enhanced stamina and performance throughout your day.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Improve Blood Flow20%90
Reduce Swelling15%95
Total Score100%95.25

  • These thigh-high compression socks are made from a tight-fitting stretch material that allows your skin to breathe.
  • They stay put on your leg, fitting incredibly well and entirely slip-proof so that you can wear them for hours without thinking about them.
  • Improve the blood flow throughout your entire body and help yourself comfortably get through pregnancy.
  • The open-toe design will add extra comfort and arch support to the feet, helping you to remain on your feet all day.
  • Enjoy the slimming appeal that comes with these thigh-high socks, as well as reduced swelling and improved energy!

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Improve Blood Flow20%90
Reduce Swelling15%90
Total Score100%94.5

  • Choose from multiple different thigh-high compression sock styles and colors with LTHA’s top selection.
  • Non-binding elastic ensures that the compression socks stay up on your thighs, allowing you to be comfortable while you wear them.
  • A reinforced toe and heel creates a strong, durable base that lets the socks remain brand new through many washes.
  • Ideal for those who suffer from leg or foot pain, cramping, spider veins, and more.
  • They look like casual dress socks or stockings and are perfect for wearing with your work clothing.
  • Completely seamless, moisture-wicking, antibacterial, and highly effective!


  • These thigh-high compression socks look and feel great on your legs, emulating formal tights or stockings.
  • The design stops at the ankle, making them unsuitable for those with edema but perfect for those who suffer from leg cramping or lack of stamina.
  • The right heavy compression was used in these medical-grade compression socks to enhance blood flow and boost energy levels.
  • Aside from helping your circulation, these socks will make your legs appear slimmer and more toned than ever before!
  • Constructed from a higher percentage of nylon than other brands, these compression socks are highly resistant to wear and tear.


A Thigh-High Medical grade compression sock available in sizes from small to XXL to choose from.

  • It offers moderate support and has a silicone dot top band to keep the socks up.
  • Ideal for both men and women in size from small to XX-large.
  • Medical Quality brands and design.
  • Made from breathable and durable materials.


A thigh-high sports compression sock from Mojo sports with a footless design and extra-thick materials.

  • Thick and flexible materials are ideal for treating sports injuries and swelling.
  • Maximal removal of metabolic waste products and a compression fit.
  • Available in different size options for all sizes and shapes.
  • No-Slip grip design.


A medical standard thigh high compression stocking from NuVein for the ladies.

  • Hels with circulatory issues and varicose and spider veins.
  • A breathable toeless design and silicone grip dots for a non-slip feature.
  • It is made from hospital-grade materials that are thicker and more durable.
  • It is available in different size options and a black or nude color option.

  • These thigh-high socks are designed to provide graduated compression of 20-30mmHg.
  • It is made with 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex.
  • They are comfortable, breathable, and supportive, with a silicone grip top band to ensure they stay in place.
  • They provide relief from pain, sore muscles, fatigue, and other such injuries.

  • These socks are made with a blend of 77% Nylon and 23% Spandex.
  • These compressed thigh-high socks come with a silicone lining point that ensures it stays in place.
  • They provide 20-30mmHg graduated compression to relieve physical fatigue, improve blood circulation, and other such problems.
  • It is breathable, lightweight, and soft to the touch.

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