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So you have decided to give your wardrobe a new twist and want to buy a new pair of thigh high boot socks? You landed on the right page!

Here we will discuss a few practical uses for thigh high socks, what styles look best and what materials feel the most comfortable on your legs.
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When Thigh High Boot Socks Are Practical

There are two times when you need thigh high boot socks:

  1. If you do Ballet or Gymnastics – sometimes doing these sports in Winter can be a bit chilly without a pair of thigh high socks to keep your legs warm until you’re revved up and ready to go! It is essential to get a breathable pair of these socks that are durable and can stretch to accommodate muscle movement. You will also no doubt need quite a tight fitting pair that does not fall. Purchasing a seamless pair will do you a big favor by helping to avoid blisters. Pure cotton or merino wool combined with some spandex would make an ideal thigh high athletic sock.
  2. If you wear Knee or Thigh High Boots – thigh high boots can chaff if you don’t own a pair of comfortable thigh-high boots to match! Thigh high boots are also no match against the cold in places that snow, and so you will also want thigh high boot socks to ward off the extreme cold. Soft wool is your best bet here.

Thigh High Boot Sock Styles That Rock

Here are some examples of flash fashion styles that are easy to pull off anywhere, anytime!

  • Cute Critters – wearing a pair of cats or animals on your legs not only keeps you super warm but looks super cute too! Try to keep your outfit the same color as your socks and remember that a short dress will look better than shorts. The main emphasis should be placed on the fuzzy creatures resting on your thighs for maximum effect, rather than the remainder of the outfit.
  • Pixie Power – wearing striped socks has been done for decades! The best part about wearing stripy socks is that they dress down nearly any outfit and bring out a more fun, vibrant side to your wardrobe. They double up as some of the best home comfort socks too, often being more snug than needed!
  • The Sophisticate – the classiest thigh high socks are usually one color, made of the purest cotton or similar fabrics to create a very mature look. You can use these type of thigh high boot socks to make any outfit look classy, as long as you don’t wear them like a school girl. Keep the lines of the outfit minimal and clean, dividing your body up into 2 or 3 even sections. That way, you should have no trouble pulling off the sophisticated look.
  • Vintage or Boho – thigh high socks that are trimmed in lace or covered in fine crocheted patterns can add tremendous aesthetic value to vintage or boho outfits. Let out your inner creative side and play around with these long socks in your wardrobe. Many have worn them with boho dresses, and hats to great effect and some even look good when pairing them with shorts.
  • Alpaca – for colder climates, you may want to opt for a chunkier pair of thigh high socks. These come in all sorts of knitted wool patterns, often folding over for extra insulation of warmth. Baubles and crisscrosses are what give these fluffy socks a signature alpaca look that works with any fluffy hoodies or warm winter outfits. When done up right, these type of socks can even turn Pocahontas envious!

The Most Comfortable Thigh High Sock Materials & Considerations

There are a few basic materials that will help to know about so that your socks fit, don’t fall down and don’t chaff you as you walk.

  • Wool – wool is a very natural material that will keep you warm in Winter and cool in Summer, especially if it’s got a high thread count. Merino wool is the best type of wool, being very soft and moisture wicking, ideal for athletes.
  • Cotton – cotton is the best sock material because of it’s unmatched softness, durability and the fact that it does not scratch or chaff many people’s legs.
  • Spandex or Lycra – both of these are words to describe the same elastic fiber, which is needed in small quantities to keep the sock up on the leg. The more spandex is added in, the better chance it will fit you as it can keep stretching to accommodate. Socks that are heavy on this fiber are a better choice if you do a lot of walking about or use your leg muscles often.
  • Nylon – nylon keeps socks firm and holds them in place. A higher nylon count usually indicates a mild form of compression in the sock too, which can alleviate pressure off your legs or feet.
  • Acrylic – acrylic is used to blend with poorer qualities of wool to enhance the softness and fineness of the wool. Acrylic is also easier to die than wool and is a good sock choice because it can also make the wool more flexible.

Reviews: Best Thigh High Boot Socks

We tried our best to compile a list of the best thigh-high boot socks for all kinds of styles and wardrobe twists out there!

Score: 96.8
  • These imported thigh high socks are a great addition to any wardrobe, adding a very classy or vintage look to an outfit.
  • Soft to the touch, they will stretch easily over most average leg sizes and will keep you feeling snug all day long.
  • Wear them like leg warmers, fold them over your knees or let them bunch up inside your boots for extra warmth!
  • Feel confident all day long with these very fashionable knee-high boot socks.
  • Made of 80% Cotton and 20% of a stretch fit fiber, these socks will never fall down and will feel very smooth against your legs.
  • Upon closer inspection, delicate lacey crochet patterns can be observed on the sock.

  • These thigh pixie socks are great for wearing casually or to down play any outfit for a relaxed outgoing feel.
  • Bring the power of pixies to your wardrobe and experiment with up to 15 colors to choose from!
  • Made from 90% cotton for the softest feel, these 3% spandex socks are made to stretch over most average leg sizes.
  • 7% Nylon in the blend allows the socks to remain firm and confers mild compression for pressure alleviation.
  • These over knee socks have been crafted so that they do not fade easily and last longer.

  • Here are a pair of thigh high boot socks that should be in any girl’s wardrobe!
  • Choose from a selection of 21 different colors, shades, and styles to compliment just about all outfits that demand boots.
  • Made of 92% cotton and 8% spandex, these socks are the perfect toss up between softness, comfort, and perfect fit.
  • They are thick enough to wear during Winter to keep your toes and legs snug and warm, yet breathable enough to also wear in the Summer time.
  • With lace, knitted pleats or plain smooth textures to choose from, these thigh high boot socks aim to please everyone.
  • Available also in extra wide and extra long sizes.

  • These are probably the cutest thigh high boot socks available online, bring to life fuzzy cartoon creatures whenever you place your legs inside them!
  • Available in adult as well as children’s sizes and appropriate for all ages – who said you need to be young to let out your inner child?
  • These socks are made from 100% pure cotton and feel great on the legs.
  • Appropriate for wearing in summer, these thigh high socks allow your skin to breath and are excellent for excessive wicking moisture away.
  • Add some cute sass to your wardrobe and wear something unique that nobody else is wearing.

  • Sankuwen’s Thigh High Boot Socks are made from the best quality cashmere, making for very soft socks.
  • The knitted design combined with lace will vamp up any retro, vintage or boho outfit.
  • Available in 4 different colors.
  • Suitable for those with thicker, muscular legs, such as gymnasts, and able to stretch a bit thanks to the semi-loose knit.
  • Will stay up on your legs and do not fall down (not suitable for very large thighs or calves).
  • Keep your legs and feet stylish and feeling fresh all year round with these lacey thigh high boot socks.

  • The High Boot sock consists of 100% durable and soft acrylic fabric.
  • It offers a high fit with a wide calf.
  • Over the knee design ideal for wearing with boots.
  • Machine washable and quick drying.
  • Easy pull-on closure design and a Ribbed Cuff

  • Made from soft and plush coral fleece with a high elastic.
  • There is a cartoon character at the top of this long fuzzy sock that looks super cute with a pair of boots for the ladies.
  • A unique animal pattern and striped sock design available in many colors to choose from.
  • This is the ideal sock to give as a gift for someone who enjoys wearing boots.

  • Classic thin knit thigh high socks that look superb with a pair of boots.
  • Made from 100% durable and breathable polyester.
  • Thin and cool design that will not overheat.
  • It offers a classic fall look available in a few neutral color selections.

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