Thigh High Athletic Socks

Thigh-high athletic socks aim to improve performance by being designed in specialized ways.

This buyer’s guide will discuss what kinds of athletic socks you can get, the fibers they should be made from for the best results, and five features that will place them on top of the rest.

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Different Kinds of Athletic Socks

There are different types of athletic socks, and each of them is specialized for unique athletic purposes.

  • Compression Socks – Compression socks are used for those who are recovering from injuries or who suffer from varicose veins. They enhance circulation by applying compression to the feet, calves, and legs. Many athletes wear compression socks to increase their blood flow and enhance their performance.
  • Toe Socks – Toe socks are socks that have separate toes, just like a glove accommodates each finger separately. Toe socks enhance your balance and are often worn by professional runners.
  • Protection Socks – Some athletic socks confer additional protection, such as shin guarded socks. These socks should be padded in specific places to help protect the individual who wears them. Many athletic socks will safeguard the feet by use of underfoot padding. This will not only protect against impact but will also provide comfort with some arch and heel support.

Fibers of a Quality Athletic Socks

Athletic socks should be made out of the best fibers for durability, moisture-wicking, and friction resistance. Here are some of the best fibers your socks could be crafted from in this regard.

  • Spandex – Spandex is the well-known stretch fiber that gives all clothing items their comfortable stretchy properties. Spandex is necessary for athletic socks to provide the adaptive fit needed when moving their legs about a lot on the playing field or track.
  • Cotton – Cotton is a natural lightweight material that allows the skin to breathe. Cotton stays dry but is used to enhance the comfort of your socks as well.
  • Merino Wool – Merino wool is the finest wool available on the planet, which gives it unique characteristics. Makers of athletic socks have taken advantage of these characteristics, using merino wool to add moisture-wicking qualities, temperature regulation, heat resistance, and antimicrobial properties to their socks. Merino wool is naturally lightweight and needs to be applied in hyper-thin layers to work highly effectively.
  • Olefin – Olefin is a very superior quick-drying fiber used in outdoor gear and swimming costumes to make them dry out within minutes. Olefin will also absorb moisture quickly, keeping you as dry as possible.
  • Nylon – Nylon is used to improve sock durability as well as add extra padding under the foot.

Features of a Good Thigh High Athletic Sock

  1. Moisture Wicking – As an athlete, moisture-wicking is an essential feature to have in your socks. The best moisture-wicking systems use two layers, allowing the moisture to travel from the inner layer to the outer layer and keeping your feet dry at all given times!
  2. Foot Padding – If you find your feet ache after a long workout session, we recommend some of the men’s thigh-high socks that will be of great use to you. These socks provide arch and heel support, and some even provide full-length foot padding. The compression of men’s thigh-high socks alleviates pressure off the feet and can help emulate foot padding.
  3. Anti Bacterial – If you spend long hours in your running shoes, a pair of antibacterial socks are worth it. Foot infections flourish in dark, moist, and warm conditions, such as inside your shoes during a long workout routine. Antibacterial socks prevent infections and allow you to train as you see fit.
  4. Shock Absorption – Some athletic socks have special gel infused layers of padding that can absorb shock. Thick winter socks on their own provide some degree of shock absorption as well.
  5. Dual Layers – More than one layer in your socks will ensure that they wick away moisture or regulate temperature more effectively. These are ideal for athletic activity in very cold or humid climates.

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