14 Summer Hiking Socks for Hot Weather

Those hot summer days always seem like the best days to go for a hike – that is, until the temperature becomes unbearable and your feet begin to sweat!

Fortunately, sock technology has advanced enough to help us cope with these problems. This buyer’s guide is here to help you choose the best summer hiking socks for hot weather.

Reviews: Summer Hiking Socks for Hot Weather

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  • These ankle-high socks are ideal for running or hiking in summer or incredibly hot weather.
  • Made for absorbing sweat and drying incredibly fast, these socks consist of 63% olefin.
  • It uses a dual-layer moisture elimination system stripping the moisture off your feet in no time.
  • Feel the moisture fly off your feet as you hike a mountain or take a walk on a swelteringly hot day.
  • These summer hiking socks are also made from 6% spandex /elastane, making them fit your feet like a dream.
  • 9% nylon fibers keep this sock neatly on your feet, ensuring they do not slip about while you run or hike.
  • Foot padding worked into the socks’ design makes this fast-drying number stand out from the rest in functionality and comfort.
  • Made in the USA, you can expect good quality.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Prevent Blister30%100
Sweat Free20%100
Arch Support20%100
Total Score100%97.75



  • These are superior sweat-removing socks from one of the best brands, Drymax.
  • Ideal for wearing combat boots or any other hiking boots, these socks will allow your feet to breathe easily and keep your feet dry.
  • The signature dual-layer moisture elimination system of Drymax socks takes moisture from the inner sock layer to the outer layer.
  • The socks are made of 50% Olefin, which dries very quickly!
  • In-built odor elimination keeps your feet feeling fresh all day long.
  • These long socks can be used in Winter or Summer.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Prevent Blister30%100
Sweat Free20%100
Arch Support20%95
Total Score100%96.75



  • These long hiking socks are great for using all year round for Hiking, running, or working in boots.
  • Made from 74% merino wool, these socks are highly absorbent and naturally moisture-wicking, ensuring your feet are kept at a constant dry temperature.
  • Padded arch support gives your feet the best possible boost for walking in your hiking shoes and makes for very comfortable hikes.
  • Strategically reinforced foot zones have been instilled in the design to help keep your feet blister-free.
  • Spandex fibers meshed into this sock allow it to fit perfectly every time.
  • Made in Canada, you can expect a good quality of it.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Prevent Blister30%100
Sweat Free20%100
Arch Support20%90
Total Score100%95.75



  • If you love Hiking but can’t manage sweat or blisters in your boots, then you should consider buying this ultra-protective moisture-destroying sock.
  • A double acrylic layer enhances chitosan levels and is naturally odor-resistant and anti-bacterial.
  • Support your feet underneath their arches with these socks and experience a much lighter hike with superior comfort.
  • The dry Release moisture elimination system helps control sweating, keeping feet dry for longer.
  • These boots are taller and have almost 25% nylon, ensuring a tight fit.
  • Machine Washable and made in the USA.


The Problem with Hiking in Summer

There are two main problems with Hiking in hot weather, as far as our feet are concerned:

  1. Sweat – our feet sweat, on average, a shot glass per day! We sweat up to five times more than that when we hike, especially if hiking a mountain on a hot day. It’s critical to remain hydrated. Aside from dehydration, sweating excessively inside shoes can cause the feet to prune and encourage infections such as athlete’s foot to flourish. When our skin is pruned, we can get blisters more easily because the skin is weaker and easier to rub off.
  2. Blisters – hot weather encourages the formation of blisters more easily. This is because there is already an increased temperature. When your feet rub against the inside of your hiking boots, friction generates heat, resulting in a blister. Sweat (as mentioned above) also encourages blisters to form more easily by pruning skin.

How a Quality Summer Hiking Socks Make A Difference

Summer hiking socks for hot weather make all the difference. The latest socks that have been developed for Hiking are incredible and help annihilate sweat and blisters in one go.

Fibers like Olefin allow fabrics to wick away moisture within seconds. Multiple fabric layers enhance this effect, working via osmosis principles to achieve dry feet on the go.

Manufacturers have incorporated several techniques to prevent blisters, one of which is to create seamless socks. The sock’s seam is traditionally where people suffer from foot blisters due to the toes’ continuous rubbing.

Finer knit materials with higher thread counts indicate the fabric’s softness and allow for a lesser risk of blistering.

Fibers such as spandex allow a sock to stretch and fit the feet perfectly, while nylon gives it a more rigid shape to stay in one place. Socks manufactured with some elements of these fibers will also reduce the risk of allowing your feet to blister.

Features of a Good Summer Hiking Sock

Here are some of the best features of socks for hiking in hot weather:

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