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So have a new pair of TOMS or find that yours are slightly scratchy, sweaty, or uncomfortable on your feet.

Why not opt for the best socks for Toms that will ideally fit the shoes’ design and prove much comfort.

Reviews: The Best Socks for TOMS

These are some of our favorite sock designs that are ideal to wear with Toms shoes;
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Should You Wear Socks with TOMS

Wearing socks with your Toms is entirely your preference and will depend largely on your style and activities,

The signature Toms are made to wear as leisurewear, especially in the summer, at home, or on the beach.

Toms consist of mainly hemp material and cotton with a suede insole, and they are not the best choices for walking all day. Converse and Vans shoes are similar in style but better for walking and skating.
So all in all, whether you should be wearing socks with your Toms will depend on what activity your will be taking part in, or whether you sweat a lot or not. Most people can wear shoes without socks because they d not sweat at all, while others sweat quite a bit. The moisture can cause overheating, discomfort, friction, and chafing, leading to blisters and very uncomfortable feet.
So, all in all, as far as functionality goes, wearing socks with your Toms is the best answer to prevent sweating or to protect your feet from the inside of the shoes that may be causing friction.

On the other hand, your feet may tend to get cold, or it may just be a fashion statement to wear socks with your Toms.

Types of Socks to Wear With TOMS

There are a few do’s and don’ts when wearing socks with your Toms and following general fashion rules.

However, if you can pull off a unique style, sock-style will do.

  • Ankle Socks – Ankle socks with Toms will show a bit, so you will want a matching color or design that is fun and something that you wish to show off. On the Other hand, I would wear ankle socks because they are cool and still comfortable, with long pants that cover most of your ankles and shoes so that the socks do to show. This is ideal for warm to cooler weather.
  • Linear Socks – Linear-style socks are a no-show sock that covers your toes and heels and will stay hidden when you wear your Toms. They usually consist of absorbent and moisture-wicking materials that are lightweight and cool.
  • Liner Socks – Liner socks are very smooth and thin socks that only cover the pints of your toes and the low part of your heel. They are designed to most likely provide a lining underneath your feet and the shoes. They will stay invisible and below the heels.
  • Thin No Show Socks – No Show socks cover just your toes and mid to low heels and will not show at all when wearing your Tome. These are the thin no-show socks with a much thinner and more lightweight design.
  • Thicker No Show Socks – The Thicker no show socks are similar in design with a thicker knit or weave. It is ideal for Toms that do not offer a snug enough fit or slightly cooler weather.

Features of Good Socks for TOMS


  • Low Cut Design – Ankle length, low cut, liner, and no show design socks are generally your best options for wearing with a pair of Toms shoes.
  • Breathable Materials – make sure the socks are lightweight in breathable materials such as cotton, polyester, or bamboo. Merino wool is also a good option as it is durable and temperature regulating.
  • Anti-Skid – Many no-show or liner socks for Toms also have non-skid grips to prevent them from slipping off your feet, and This is an outstanding feature, especially with low-cut socks as they do tend to slip off easily.
  • Size – Socks come in various sizes, so make sure that you get the perfect socks, kee. Keeping that liner and no-show socks can easily come off if they’re too big or too small on your feet.

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