Reflexology Socks

Our foot contains over 7,000 different nerve endings that lead to a unique organ. These are also referred to as Reflex points. And to harness these reflex points, you need Reflexology Socks.

These wonder socks are hailed for their medicinal purposes. And that is why they should be in your wardrobe. Below, we have prepared a perfect Reflexology Socks guide so that you can pick the perfect one for yourself.

Why Reflexology Socks are so wonderful

Reflexology socks are known for their medical purposes. But other than that, these socks offer a wide variety of features to their users. And we have discussed some of them below:

  • Increases Blood Flow – These socks significantly promote the blood flow levels in your feet. These socks have a map on the bottom section, enabling accurate distinction.
  • Locate Organs – Thanks to the detailed map, you can easily locate the corresponding organ. The map is outlined with a slight incline towards the border section so that you can easily spot the specific point.
  • Teaching Purposes – Young reflexology practitioners can use these socks to acquire reflexology knowledge. Even many recreational healers use these during their healing sessions.
  • Accupressure – Some reflexology socks have acupressure pins on the bottom. So that every time you wear one of these, your feet will get acupressure automatically.

Types of Reflexology Socks

There are several different types of reflexology socks available in the market. And each one of these holds a unique purpose and features. We have explained each one of these below:

  • One-Time Use – The one-time use socks are widely used in medical colleges and institutes to teach young aspirants about the uses of reflexology. You can also find these online
  • Graphic Printed – These socks have a super detailed map of each corresponding organ in the foot section. Professionals and healers mostly use these socks.
  • Universal Fit – Reflexology and bamboo fiber socks come in different fits and sizes. However, some socks are also built in a universal fit that everyone can wear, irrespective of gender or size.
  • Re-Usable – Most of the commercial socks are made to use more than once so that you don’t have to grab a new pair every time you need one.

Fabrics used in Reflexology Socks

A bunch of unique fabrics is used in Reflexology socks. And to select the perfect one for yourself, you can check out our detailed review on each type of fabric below:

  • Cotton – Probably the most usual type of reflexology socks available in the market. These socks are known for their comfort and breathable nature. And some cotton socks are water-resistant as well.
  • Copper – Copper is widely used to make a variety of socks. Reflexology socks made from copper provide a very comfortable fit. These socks are also dust resistant and can be cleaned easily through a machine wash.
  • Elastene – Elastane is a combination material mixed with primary material to provide flexibility and durability. Elastane also makes the reflexology socks much more elastic.
  • Polyester– Polyester is another very famous linen used to make socks. The socks made from this fabric are quite versatile as they hold a variety of different traits like elasticity, washability, and strong build.

Reviews: Best Reflexology Socks

Being the experts, we have shortlisted the best Reflexology socks available in the market. Just a quick word, we do collect a very minimal sum from every purchase that goes through the links mentioned below, without any additional charges on you. That said, let’s start with our list:

  • Made from extremely comfortable synthetic, these socks can be washed and used multiple times.
  • The graphical representation on the bottom is pretty neat, well-drawn, and eye-catching.
  • It consists of moisturizing gel lining, which keeps your feet cool and fresh.
  • These socks are infused with many vitamins and essentials that will make your feet smooth.
  • The design quality is quite good, so you don’t have to worry about washing it away.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Improve Blood Flow25%100
Total Score100%97.25

  • All the necessary points and sections are thoroughly mentioned.
  • It comes in one universal size that will easily fit anyone irrespective of gender or age.
  • The quality of these socks is superb, as they can easily last you for an extended period.
  • Due to its detailed reflexology chart, it is especially recommended for a recreational healer or a student.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Improve Blood Flow25%95
Total Score100%96

  • Thanks to the high-quality printing, all the reflexology zones are clearly identified.
  • The fitting of these socks is quite comfortable, and you can easily wear them for an extended period.
  • The top-end of the socks rests just above your ankle, which is just about perfect.
  • It comes in a universal size and can be worn by anyone without any modifications.
  • Each of the reflexology marks has a slight bump on the corners, making it easier to navigate.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Improve Blood Flow25%95
Total Score100%95.5

  • Made from high-quality nylon material, these socks are extremely comfortable to wear.
  • These socks can increase your feet’ blood flow, which then relieves you from aches and pain.
  • The map printed on the sock’s bottom represents the organs’ connected pressure points.
  • These socks are carved out from a single piece of fabric, making them extremely durable.
  • The socks are shipped with a handy carry bag so that you can easily carry them anywhere.

  • These socks are constructed from pure polyester with a slight blend of elastane and cotton.
  • The bottom section of these socks has a detailed map of pressure points.
  • The socks can provide a wide variety of insulation profiles ranging from hot to cold.
  • The pressure map is colored to choose the specific target organ easily.
  • With enough fabric on the base and the legs, these socks have the right amount of thickness.

  • These socks have additional cushioning on the base section to increase blood flow.
  • Made from pure cotton, these socks are incredibly comfortable and breathable.
  • These can be easily washed through a gentle spin in the washing machine.
  • Thanks to its super soft fabric, you won’t feel any irritation or itchiness in the feet.
  • The fabric is antimicrobial, so you don’t have to worry about any allergies.

Index Table: Top-Rated Reflexology Socks

1Deluxe Comfort Unisex Hyderating - Spa Reflexology Socks
  • Gel Linning
  • Reusable
Deluxe Comfort99.2
2HMISRULE Unisex Acupressure Reflexology Socks - Physiotherapy Massage Socks with Reflexology Zones Marked
  • One Size
  • Efficient
3Relaxus Unisex Marked - Reflexology Socks
  • Reinforced
  • Toe-Cap
4Tenflyer Unisex Toe Design - Reflexology Socks
  • Map Printed
  • Universal Fit
5ToeToe Unisex Health - Reflexology Socks
  • Detailed
  • Polyester-Made
6J.Zlegend Unisex Schematic - Reflexology Socks
  • Healing Position
  • Incredible Comfort

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