Men’s Thigh High Socks

Thigh high socks have been very fashionable for many centuries amongst women, but women are not the only ones who enjoy wearing them! Find out more in the article below about why men should wear thigh high socks, what fibers men’s thigh high socks should be made from and what features make them the best.

Men’s Thigh High Socks

Comparison Table: Best Men’s Thigh High Socks

3 Reasons a Men Should Wear Thigh High Socks

Thigh high socks for men are worn for many reasons, from medical ones to just wanting a pair of dress socks that don’t fall down! Below we take a look at three of perhaps the best reasons why men ought to own a pair.

  1. Compression – Compression socks are fantastic for those who suffer from swellings, diminished blood circulation, aches, stiffness in the joints and so on. Thigh high compression socks apply a small amount of pressure from the feet all the way up to the thighs, ensuring the blood vessels in the legs rely on microcirculation. This results in increased blood flow, which gets the heart pumping, drain fluids in the legs more effectively and speeds up leg injury recovery time! Men’s thigh-high compression socks will also prevent blood from pooling in the feet or legs.
  2. Comfort – Some people prefer wearing thigh high socks to knee-high or ankle socks due to comfort and added security. Thigh high socks will not fall down as much as their other counterparts, and some may prefer to wear thigh-high dress socks purely for this reason alone. Those who feel cold on a continuous basis may also want to wear them for more insulation and warmth.
  3. Enhanced Performance – Many athletes will wear thigh high socks to enhance their performance. Cyclists and runners may prefer wearing thigh high socks rather than shaving their legs to become more aerodynamic. When thigh high socks are also compression socks, the enhanced blood flow, and heart rate will also improve upon athletic performance.

The Best Materials for Men’s Thigh High Socks

For the best results in comfort and sizing, these fibers are the best choices when buying men’s thigh high socks.

  • Spandex – Spandex is essential for your thigh high socks to fit you just right. This fiber is what gives clothing a stretch factor and is often used in thigh high socks to accommodate for all differently shaped areas of the legs.
  • Nylon – Nylon was the first synthetic fiber that was created, and to this day, it is widely used in socks and other clothing items. Nylon is commonly used to reinforce socks, either with padding or an enhanced structure. This fiber will ensure that your socks last.
  • Cotton, Wool or Rayon – All three of these fibers are natural (rayon is derived from bamboo) and will add considerable breathability and comfort to your socks.
  • Olefin – Olefin is the quickest drying of all the synthetic fibers and will allow your socks to stay free from excessive moisture.

Top 5 Features of Thigh High Socks for Men

The below features will make you want to wear your thigh high socks all the time!

  • Foot Protection – Particularly recommended for diabetics or those suffering from foot problems like plantar fasciitis; underfoot padding can offer pressure relief and prevent bruising to the feet.
  • Moisture Wicking – If your thigh high socks don’t have a naturally breathable fiber in the blend, you will want a moisture wicking sock. Moisture-wicking ability refers to how well a sock removes moisture and keeps your legs and feet dry.
  • Elastic Free – Elastic bands that keep your socks up tend to work well, but they restrict blood flow a lot. If you are buying a pair of men’s thigh high compression socks or have circulation problems, avoid elastic bands at all costs! Elastic-free alternatives are a lot more comfortable and do not leave a mark on your legs after the day is done.
  • Graduated Compression – There are different levels of compression, from mild to very strong. The best compression socks display a varied compression that is the strongest at pressure points or areas where blood tends to pool. This makes the compression much more effective and feels a lot more comfortable. Medical grade compression socks often use this technique to produce desired results.
  • Temperature Regulation – If you live in a cold climate or need to keep your body at a stable temperature, get a pair of thigh high socks that regulate your temperature. A stable temperature also helps keep your immune system stable and makes it less likely for infections to occur.

Men’s Thigh High Sock Reviews

Below we have compiled a list of the best men’s thigh high socks, mostly focusing on the most comfortable compression dress socks we could find!

  • These men’s thigh high socks have been designed to look and feel like classic dress socks that stay up all day long.
  • Crafted mostly from nylon, the socks are reinforced all the way from toe to thigh and will last a much longer time than most other dress socks.
  • 25% spandex makes these thigh high socks very comfortable and stretchy, allowing a perfect fit every time.
  • Medical-grade compression is included to alleviate pressure off of the feet, ankles, calves, and legs.
  • Boost your energy levels with these thigh high dress compression socks and feel the difference in your circulation after just a few minutes!

  • These thigh high compression socks are excellent for those who need support for their edema, swelling, leg injury, fatigue or circulation problems.
  • Graduated compression along the length of these socks ensures full leg and foot relief from cramping, swelling or blood flow problems.
  • The reinforced toe seam is ideal for diabetics who wish to protect against bruising and will also ensure the socks are less susceptible to wear and tear.
  • These socks display excellent moisture wicking properties due to the microfiber knit structure that allows for breathability.
  • The top band is non-constrictive and elastic free, while still holding the socks up in place.

  • These unisex compression socks are toeless for additional wiggle room as well as improved arch and forefoot pressure relief.
  • The heel is reinforced for additional comfort, padding, and durability so you can wear these socks all day without worry!
  • The top band is made from smooth silicone and is excellent at keeping the thigh high stockings in their place for as long as you wear them.
  • Made from very soft spandex yarn, you will not want to take these socks off after putting them on.
  • The majority of the sock is crafted using sturdy nylon and spandex to ensure you only need one pair at any given time.

  • For those who prefer natural materials in their clothing, these men’s thigh high cotton dress socks are perfect!
  • Medical graduated compression has been incorporated into these cotton socks to make them undeniably comfortable as well as able to fight off fatigue.
  • Speed up injury recovery or help improve your Deep Vein Thrombosis, edema or diabetes by taking full advantage of what these compression socks can do.
  • The thread count of these cotton thigh high compression socks rests at an impressive 230 for improved comfort and excellent breathability.
  • These dress socks will stay up all day long and are hypoallergenic, ideal for those with sensitive skin.

  • These thigh high compression sleeves are perfect for sports players who need extra support or who are in recovery from injury.
  • These versatile, athletic compression sleeves can be used in any sports, being very flexible and excellent at eliminating moisture.
  • The double silicone anti-slip system present throughout the sleeves’ design will make sure they never fall down, even in the most leg intensive sports, like cycling or running.
  • Aid speed recovery or use these sleeves with shin splints to enhance their effects.
  • Reduces cramping, swelling, fatigue, and muscle pain, while boosting athletic performance, circulation and heart rate.