Knit Thigh High Socks

With Winter on your doorstep, you may want to consider a pair of knitted thigh high socks to keep yourself warm in style! For ways to dress knit thigh high socks, info on different kinds of sock knit stitches as well as their best features, scroll down below.

Knit Thigh High Socks

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3 Ways To Wear Knit Thigh High Socks in Winter

Just because it’s Winter doesn’t mean you have to forfeit your sense of style! Try wearing any of the below socks in one of the following ways:

  1. Over Tights – If you love wearing thigh highs in Summer with a dress, skirt or a pair of shorts, you can still style it the same way in Winter. All you need to do is wear your thigh high socks over a pair of tights and voila! A Summer style in a Winter setting.
  2. Rolled Down – Another very zoot way to dress your socks is to roll them down over your boots. This will give your boots more emphasis while also insulating them better and making your knees warmer.
  3. Scrunched Up – If you have small calves and big thighs, a good way to even things out a bit is to scrunch up your thigh high socks like a pair of leg warmers. Push them down until just under or over the knee (depending on their length) and scrunch up the rest below. This will also make your calves extra warm and slim your thighs by contrast.

Different Types of Sock Knit Stitches

The following two sock knit stitches are the most commonly used to make beautiful knitted socks.

  • Cable Stitch – Cable stitch is formed by vertically straight lines that cross at various intersections, making it appear as if the socks have gorgeous twisted ropes moving along their length. Variations on cable stitch include shortening or elongating the lengths between where the rope-like design crosses over itself.
  • Ribbed Stitch – Ribbed stitch is basic but beautiful, forming solid lines that run vertically down the socks. A very tight rib stitch is often used to make a non-binding band that keeps the socks up. Variations include making the lines very thick or very thin. Ribbed stitch is often the warmest type of stitching for Winter.

These two types of stitches and their variations give knit socks a divine textured pattern that should be taken advantage of in an outfit. It’s best not to wear a busy top piece if you want to place more emphasis on your socks.

Best Knitted Thigh High Sock Features

These features will make your socks look and feel a step above the rest.

  • Non-binding – Look out for socks that don’t use a binding elastic band at the top, particularly if you have large thighs. A non-binding elastic or knitted tie will not leave marks or cut off the circulation to your feet.
  • Stays Up – The best thigh high knit socks will stay up on your legs until you decide to take them off.
  • Extra Long – Extra long socks are usually a good thing because it allows you to decide where on your legs you want them to stop and to play around with different styles. Measure your legs before going to look at different thigh high socks to get the best out of this feature.
  • Acrylic or Wool – To stay warm in exceptionally cold climates, opt for a pair of either wool or acrylic socks. Both wool and it’s synthetic counterpart are highly thermodynamic, meaning that they will regulate your temperature and keep you warm.
  • Breathable – One universal perk of knit thigh high socks is that they are breathable. The stitches themselves have tiny gaps that allow air to pass through and allowing the skin to breathe.

Knit Thigh High Sock Reviews

The below thigh high knit socks will all make excellent additions to your Winter wardrobe!

  • These super soft socks by luxury divas will fit on most and tend to make thighs look more shapely.
  • Ideal for dressing up or down just about any of your favorite outfits, you can wear these socks year round.
  • Made with a blend of spandex and other soft materials, the socks are bound to stay up on your leg without falling down.
  • A non-binding finely ribbed band at the top helps to keep them up without cutting off blood flow.
  • These socks are sexy yet comfortable and will allow you to walk the streets in full style and confidence.

  • If you love wearing crocheted items of clothing, then these are the knitted thigh high socks for you!
  • Made from a beautiful cable knit stitch, these socks are textured in an elaborate vintage style that will liven up your wardrobe.
  • Made from 90% cotton, the socks are cozy and suitable to wear all year round (except in extreme climates).
  • Wear these all the way up to add length to your legs or roll them down for additional warmth.
  • Available in 5 trendy neutral colors to choose from and bound to match most of your wardrobe.

  • These gorgeous over the knee knit socks are made using a highly durable blend of stretch cotton and nylon.
  • A combination of cable and ribbed stitching was used to produce the gorgeous diamond lace lattice pattern.
  • If you stand between 5’1″ and 5’7″, then these socks will sit comfortably on your thighs and help to give you extra height.
  • Comes in a pack of 2, with one pair being black and the other grey to match any outfit in your closet.
  • The non-binding hem is made using a plain ribbed stitch, which does a great job of keeping the sock up in its place.

  • These beautiful cable knit thigh socks are made from 100% acrylic, meaning that they will keep your legs warm this Winter.
  • The patterns on the side form a traditional zig-zag cable stitch which will bring most Winter outfits to life.
  • Ultra thick and highly durable, these socks will last a long time and are capable of keeping you warm for years.
  • There are 8 different colors to choose from, making them ideal as gifts as there should be something for everyone!
  • Ideal for those who are in the height range of 5′ and 5’8″, adding length to your appearance and sass to your Winter wardrobe.

  • Here is a pair of very long thigh high socks that are bound to suit women of every shape and size.
  • A classic ribbed stitch was used, which allows for clean vertical lines to run down your legs, giving your shape height and slimming your appearance down.
  • Suitable for wearing during Winter in any style you feel like, as the extra length gives these socks more room for play.
  • Keep your legs warm and insulated, while still allowing your skin to breathe better throughout the colder months.
  • Ideal for wearing with boots or heels or casually around the house to keep your legs nice and warm!