Knee High Tube Socks

Ever wondered where tube socks come from, why they’re called tube socks and where you can get some good ones?

Scroll down for more info on the history of tube socks, what materials they should be made from as well as some of their best features before selecting your favorite pair!

Knee High Tube Socks

A Brief History of Knee High Tube Socks

Everyone knows about tube socks, these ‘rad’ socks that are incredibly comfortable and seem to be popular amongst both skaters and high school jocks alike – but where did they come from and what makes them so different from any other cotton socks?

Tube socks get their name from their shape. Instead of having a heel in them, they are merely a simple tube shape that has been stitched up on one end. This makes them easy to manufacture, comfortable and appropriate for both males and females.

Historians date the first appearance of tube socks back to around the 1800s, although many speculate they existed long before due to their simple structure.

Nowadays, most people associate the origin of the tube sock back to the 60’s and 70’s along with the rise of multiple new sports. Tube socks allowed for easy production and were the first time that athletes started to match their socks with their uniforms.

Most Comfortable Tube Sock Materials

Tube socks were initially made purely from cotton. These days one can find all sorts of tube socks and materials, but cotton has remained as the go-to for many. Any of the below materials will also make exceptional tube socks, especially when blended with cotton.

  • Spandex – Spandex will add an extra degree of stretch to your tube socks, something the old school ones didn’t have. This will ensure the sock fits you better without losing its shape.
  • Nylon – Nylon is used primarily to reinforce the sock at the points it’s likely to wear first, such as the toes. It also lengthens the lifespan of the socks.
  • Acrylic – Acrylic is the synthetic counterpart of wool and is able to hold colors a lot better than wool can. Having some acrylic in the blend will give your sock better moisture wicking properties and keep your feet and calves feeling fresher for longer.

Features of a Good Knee High Tube Socks

The best features of knee-high tube socks are:

  • Non-Restrictive – Tube socks are usually non-restrictive, which means that they fit around your calves without blocking blood flow. Look for tube socks that do not contain an elastic band for the best results.
  • Seamless – Seamless tube socks do not have a seam by the toes, making them entirely blister proof and reducing the amount of friction on your feet.
  • Cost-Effective – Tube socks are almost always cost-effective when compared to other novelty socks! They are cheaper to produce than ordinary socks, but due to lesser demand, they are still more expensive than cheap dress socks.
  • Bright – Initially designed to attract people’s attention on the playing field, tube socks come in a bright array of different colors. They also often have stripes, making it easy to match the socks with sports uniforms or to make a retro fashion statement.

Reviews: Knee High Tube Sock

Scroll down and get ready to rock a pair of the best knee high tube socks!

  • These knee-high retro skater socks will have you looking like something out of the ’70s, especially if you intend to wear them while skating!
  • Made from 86% acrylic, their bright, vibrant colors will last and keep your legs and feet feeling cozy year long.
  • The tops of the socks are held up by a non-binding elastic as well as a rib-knit stitch design around the calves to allow for a secure fit.
  • These are made just like the tube socks back in the day, having a tube shape versus a built-in heel.
  • Choose from 11 different colors and sync them with your friends, for special events or athletic endeavors.

  • Choose from over 25 funky and vibrant colors of these adorable knee high vintage tube socks.
  • Ideal for cuddling up at home, wearing to school and dress up events or pull off that retro skater look.
  • Made from 70% cotton, some spandex, and some polyester fibers to reinforce the socks, these tube socks feel as soft as they look.
  • These tube socks are not held up by an elastic band at all, staying up only from a strip of soft spandex and cotton.
  • Designed without a heel in the sock, these tube socks are comfortable, functional and bound to fit most ladies foot sizes.

  • If you are looking for an ordinary pair of tube socks for comfort more than anything else, then you have just found your match!
  • These are made out of 82% cotton with a little bit of acrylic and spandex to give it extra softness, moisture-wicking capacity, and stretch.
  • 10% nylon in these socks ensures that they will last you far longer than an ordinary pair of socks.
  • The socks measure up to 25 inches, making them knee high for adults and thigh high for kids.
  • The no heel design and multiple color options make them ideal for any use you have in mind for them.

  • These tube socks will bring you right back into the 20th century, with their bright stripes and old-school basketball player design.
  • True to traditional tube socks, these are made without heels and go right up to slightly over the knee.
  • 20% nylon ensures that they will last through many washes without wearing out or getting holes.
  • 80% acrylic allows for the socks to retain their bright pigment so you can spend more time rocking them than worrying.
  • Choose from over 20 different color combinations to suit your tube sock needs.

  • Here is a great pack of cost effective retro skater socks, all designed without heels as is decreed by tradition.
  • Perfect for casual use or for playing sports in, the socks are made from very comfortable and breathable stretch cotton.
  • All the pairs in the pack of 5 are white with stripes that are each one of red, black, blue, yellow and green.
  • The variation of colors makes them easy to match with a sports uniform or events as required.
  • These socks are steadfast and will not fall down very easily, making them useful for athletic activities.

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