Knee High Running Socks

Up your running game with a pair of the best knee-high running socks!
Below you’ll find all you need to know about knee high running socks, from materials to their best features.

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Knee High Running Socks

How Knee High Running Socks Can Make You Run Faster

Running socks are not just there to make you look good while on the track. They are engineered to enhance your performance in just about every way you can think of.

  1. Arch Support – Knee high running socks have fantastic in0built arch support. These specialized socks are there to bolster your comfort, promote perfect balance and to ensure your feet never tire out.
  2. Moisture Elimination – What would socks for running be without the ability to take all the moisture off your feet? They would be blister generators, spreading discomfort and likely foot infections. Running socks these days are made to remove as much moisture as possible so that you never experience any of these problems.
  3. Compression – Compression in your knee-high running socks will enhance your performance by promoting increased blood flow. Compression socks give your feet and calves strategic squeezes in certain areas that force your legs to rely on microcirculation. Not only does this bolster speed, performance, heart rate and improve blood flow, but it also prevents foot fatigue and stops blood from pooling in your feet.
  4. Aero Dynamic – Knee high running socks, in particular, are the most aerodynamic a pair of running socks can get. Instead of shaving your legs, the outer covering of the socks allows air to slip past you, allowing you to move with as little resistance as possible.

Materials of a Top Knee High Running Sock

If your knee-high running socks are made from the below materials, consider them of professional quality. Each of these fibers, when put together, will allow you to be on top of your game!

  • Olefin – Olefin is both highly absorbent and dries exceptionally fast. When running, this translates into continuously dry feet that never encounter unnecessary friction.
  • Spandex – Spandex (also known as Lycra or Elastane) is what gives all materials their elastic-like stretch properties. To ensure your socks fit well, stay up on your legs and last longer, you will need a decent portion of spandex.
  • Nylon – Nylon is used in running socks for reinforcement as well as add incredibly comfortable padding to them. This fiber also doubles the lifespan of your socks and ensures they don’t get holes after merely a few washes.
  • Cotton – Cotton is a great natural material that is comfortable and breathable for the skin, encouraging moisture elimination and less perspiration.
  • Merino Wool – Merino wool is the finest wool on the planet. When applied in ultra-thin layers, it makes for one of the most effective moisture wicking, absorbent materials. It’s also lightweight, comfortable, heat resistant and antimicrobial!

Features of a Good Knee High Running Sock

In this section, we cover the best knee-high running sock features and why they will push your game to the next level.

  • Multiple Layers – A sock with multiple layers is one of the best ways to keep your feet dry. The moisture travels from the inner layer to the outer layer where it rapidly disperses into the air, all the while keeping the inner layer 100% moisture-less.
  • Reinforced Heel & Toe – A reinforced heel and toe will add extra protection to both your feet and the socks themselves. These are the areas of our feet that we tend to place the most pressure on when running.
  • Seamless – The seam of the sock is the number one cause of friction, which means blisters. A seamless sock avoids this trouble by removing this cause, allowing you to count the miles in comfort.
  • Graduated Compression – Graduated compression means that the sock has multiple compression zones with varied strengths of compression. This gives the best results as far as compression goes, enhancing your performance better than a compression sock that has just one level of compression.
  • Breathable – Breathable socks usually have some natural materials in them, such as cotton or merino wool. These running socks will encourage less perspiration, in turn eliminating the chance of getting blisters or infections.

Reviews: The Best Knee High Running Socks

The below reviews list some of the best knee-high running socks from some top-rated brands, all of which are but a click away!

Score: 97.3
  • These knee high running socks are as colorful as they are effective at upping your running game!
  • Made from 80% acrylic, these socks emulate the superior qualities of wool with its synthetic counterpart.
  • Moisture-wicking and odor eliminating, the socks will keep your feet feeling fresh the entire length of the way.
  • 15% Nylon, as well as reinforced heel & toe, ensure that these socks will last a very long time.
  • The spandex component of these kneed high running socks keeps them up on your legs without constricting them or leaving marks.

  • These knee high compression socks are ideal for running in or doing any other kind of athletic activity.
  • Made using graduated compression in multiple zones, the socks effectively boost blood circulation and enhance your performance.
  • These socks are engineered to wick moisture away as quickly as possible, allowing your skin to breathe while keeping your blood pumping at maximum potency.
  • Includes arch support, so you never have to worry about foot fatigue or plantar fasciitis, as well as significantly reducing the risk of injury.
  • The ankles, toes, and heels have been reinforced for increased wearability and protection.
Score: 97 By John Max

  • These “Power Socks” make a mean pair of athletic socks for any activity from running to playing football.
  • The socks were made using Coolmax moisture elimination technology, proving highly efficient at eradicating moisture as you keep on going!
  • The arches of the socks are padded for additional comfort as well as arch support, ensuring that your feet don’t get tired or feel pain.
  • Ventilated at the top, the socks are extra breathable, taking the emphasis off perspiration and placing it where it should be: on performance.
  • A reinforced heel and toe contribute to keeping the socks in place and prevent them from sliding around while on the track.
Score: 95 By John Max

  • These remarkable compression socks have yielded impressive results for everyone from professional athletes to edema patients.
  • The strong graduated compression gets your blood pumping and allows for you to run faster and for longer!
  • Very comfortable no-pinch sides and bottoms, without a seam, these socks will not cause friction or give blisters.
  • Made with breathable stitching from 80% nylon and 20% spandex, they are incredibly durable, moisture wicking and will fit every type of foot.
  • When you order your pair, you will receive a free e-book and can return for all your money back if you have a problem.
Score: 98 By John Max

  • These hi-tech knee high compression socks are ideal for playing any sports, going to the gym in or running a marathon.
  • Made from natural bamboo and reinforced with polyester and spandex, these socks are durable, comfortable and breathable.
  • Coolmax technology allows for the ultimate moisture wicking ability, letting the socks dry almost instantly.
  • Medium compression gives you a slight boost and ups your game while keeping your feet and calves more comfortable than regular socks.
  • A seamless toe and 360 degrees knitted design gives these socks maximum comfort, flexibility and durability.
Score: 97 By John Max

Comparison Table: Top-Rated Knee High Running Socks

1Gone for a RUN Unisex Socks - Bright Knee High Running Socks
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Durable
Gone for a RUN97.3
2SB SOX Unisex Compression Socks - Knee High Running Compression Socks
  • Graduated Compression
  • Enhanced Performance
3Goldtoe Unisex Knee High Power Socks - Knee High Socks for Runners
  • Coolmax Technology
  • Arch Support
4Physix Gear Sport Unisex Stamina Socks - Knee High Running Stamina Compression Socks
  • Graduated Compression
  • Enhanced Stamina
Physix Gear Sport98
5Gmark Unisex Knee High Running Socks - Athletic Knee High Running Compression Socks
  • Medium Compression
  • Coolmax Technology

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