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The Best Waterproof Hiking Socks

The Best Waterproof Socks for Hiking and Running

Have you ever wondered what constitutes the best socks for hiking? In this buying guide, we discuss the importance of knowing about socks for hiking, tips to improve your game, as well as the...

Merino Wool Hiking Socks

Hiking Socks Merino Wool

Ever wondered what hiking socks are the best for hiking all year round in every kind of condition? The answer is Merino Wool Hiking Socks. Read further for more information on what merino wool...

Best Gore-Tex Socks

Gore-Tex Socks

Our usual socks are not built to endure all the sweat and resistance from hardcore activities like hiking or running that we love doing. But the Gore-Tex socks were invented for this very particular...

Wool Hiking Socks

Wool Hiking Socks

Wool has been used to make garments for centuries and has many properties that hikers find incredibly beneficial. Read more below about why wool works, what different kinds of wool hiking socks one can...

14 Summer Hiking Socks for Hot Weather

Summer Hiking Socks for Hot Weather

Those hot summer days always seem like the best days to go for a hike – that is, until the temperature becomes unbearable and your feet begin to sweat! Fortunately, sock technology has advanced...