Colorful Men’s Dress Socks

Did you know that the colors we choose significantly affect us and those around us?

Please find out more about why you should wear colorful dress socks, what materials are the best for dress socks, as well as a brief look at some of their best features!

Reviews: Best Colorful Men’s Dress Sock

The best men’s dress socks have been reviewed below, and each kind is bound to liven up your dress sense as well as your day!
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The Impact Of 10 Colors On Your Day

Wearing more colorful socks does not only make your wardrobe more fun – it can have different effects on your mood too!

In this list, we have briefly gone through different colours and how they can impact on your mood or psychology.

  1. Pink – Pink is a very calming colour, strongly associated with femininity and flowers.
  2. Red – Red can make you more excited, aroused, energetic, cautious, fearful, competitive or aggressive.
  3. Orange – Orange will always grab your attention and tends to make one feel more energetic, positive and uplifted.
  4. Yellow – Yellow is the brightest colour and has a lot of different effects on people from being overwhelmed to feeling more energetic. Yellow apparently aids with digestion!
  5. Green – Green is the colour of plant life everywhere, which follows on naturally that it soothes one’s nerves. Tranquillity, peace, fertility and calm are all associated with green.
  6. Blue – Blue wakes you up, literally. Scientists reveal that the colour blue reduces Melatonin, which is the hormone responsible for putting us to sleep. Blue also enhances our productivity, relaxes us, makes us feel safe and improves memory.
  7. Purple – Purple is associated with royalty and spirituality. It has a frequency close to UV light and tends to give more energy. Purple is also used in hospitals to improve sterilisation as bacteria don’t seem to like it!
  8. White – White is associated with calmness, purity and cleanliness.
  9. Black – Black has been associated with death, darkness and all round negative thinking. Black also happen to be slimming on the body and in experiments done, it proved to heighten aggression in athletes.
  10. Brown – Brown is an earthy colour and tends to promote strength, calm and a sense of feeling grounded. Sometimes it can also elicit feelings of isolation though, so beware.

Taking a peek at the right colored socks during work may make or break your day!

The Best Materials That Men’s Dress Socks Are Made From

What are the most comfortable and affordable materials your dress socks can be made from? This list should answer your questions!

  • Cotton – Cotton is the first go-to fabric when one starts looking for socks, linen and much more. This is because it’s super soft, breathable for the skin, and highly durable. A large percentage of cotton is a good choice for all-day comfort in your socks.
  • Acrylic – Acrylic is the man-made alternative to wool, being just as soft and fuzzy as wool is. Acrylic is not only warm and temperature regulating, but it also holds color better than wool and lasts longer than wool.
  • Spandex – Spandex is very important. Without it, your socks would not stretch to fit nearly as well. This material gives all fabrics their stretch qualities and is often used to help one size fit all. Spandex is also used in making pattern socks for men.
  • Nylon – Nylon is used to boost the wearability of your socks, allowing them to last through more washes. It is also used to reinforce socks and add some supportive padding to their underside, making them far more comfortable.

Features of a Quality Colorful Men’s Dress Socks

These features will make your colorful dress socks feel ultra comfortable!

  • Underfoot Padding – Underfoot Padding adds extra support to the arches in your feet. It also improves comfort dramatically, making one feel like they never want to take their socks off!
  • Non-binding Elastic – The elastic band at the top of the socks should never include a real elastic band, as this would cause marks, chafe and feel uncomfortable during the day. Non-binding elastic does not contain an elastic band but is made from a super stretch material (like spandex), which holds the sock up in place perfectly without being too tight.
  • Moisture Wicking – Socks that can eliminate moisture are gold because nobody likes to stand in puddles of sweat! Cotton, wool, and olefin have the best moisture-wicking characteristics. Other socks use a dual layer to achieve optimal moisture control. Less moisture also means fewer blisters and infections.
  • Above The Ankle – Dress socks should be above the ankle, able to conceal neatly under the hem of your pants. In most cases, a longer dress sock stays up better and is more comfortable in general.
  • Antibacterial – Antibacterial dress socks ward off bacteria. They are either infused with antimicrobial fibers/substances, or they have some other kind of microscopic mechanism that destroys bacterial cells (like micro-spikes, for example).

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