Cold Weather Running Socks

Running in cold weather possesses a few unforeseen problems that may not be known to first-time runners, cyclists or hikers. It’s important to invest in a proper pair of cold weather running socks. Read on to find out more information on cold weather running socks, their best features and why not having specialized ones in a cold climate is a bad idea.

Cold Weather Running Socks

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The Dangers of Running in Cold Weather

There are a couple of problems one can find when one goes running in cold weather for the first time;
The first is that if your socks are not suited for cold weather running, your feet are bound to get cold.
The second is that once you begin to run, your blood will start pumping and start to warm you up.
When you are sufficiently warmed up, your feet will start to perspire, making your socks damp.
The temperature of the air outside will freeze your socks very quickly, making your feet cold again.
Wet feet also encourage blisters as well as fungal infections to grow on your feet, such as Athlete’s Foot.
The more extremely cold your climate, the more this applies.
In areas that snow, it can be dangerous to run without the correct gear.
Your socks need to be very thick, and they need to cover as much of your calf as possible for optimal insulation.
A dual layer sock is an excellent choice for extreme cold weather running, often aiding moisture removal.

Important Fibers & Functions of Cold Weather Running Socks

Cold weather running socks perform specialized functions according to the blend of fibers they have been made with. The below fibers are a good find in a pair of cold weather running socks.

  1. Olefin – this fiber is a speed drying fiber. Most swimwear and outdoor gear have a significant percentage of olefin in them to help them dry fast and keep for longer in the elements. Inside a cold weather running sock, olefin removes moisture quickly and keeps your feet dry.
  2. Wool – Wool is a fantastic fiber in that it holds heat so well while still allowing your feet to breathe. Wool does not encourage sweating and in fact dries very quickly as well. Wool also happens to be flame resistant and highly durable.
  3. Spandex – Spandex is a well-known fiber for its elasticity. Having spandex inside your sock will allow it to stretch and fit your size more accurately. This fiber helps make socks more comfortable. Other names for Spandex include Lycra and Elastane.
  4. Nylon – Nylon was the first of the synthetic fibers to be invented, holding its shape very well and last a long time. Nylon adds a firmness and durability to sock, often used to pad the feet, give the heel more grip in the shoe or to add more firmness to the shape as a whole.

Best Features of Cold Weather Running Socks

Cold weather running socks come with a few other features that make them even more comfortable than regular socks.

  • Padded Foot Support – It helps to run with arch support and padding underneath the foot. Your feet will feel lighter and be more protected against impact. Some cold weather running socks have tiny fibers blended underneath your foot to support and cushion your feet.
  • Seamless Toes – socks without seams will reduce the amount of friction and prevents the occurrence of blisters.
  • Anti-Slip Wedges – Sometimes a sock is lined with a wedge to keep it in place in the shoe.
  • Merino Wool – This wool is the finest wool fiber found in the entire world presently. It is also the softest wool and has the highest quality. It’s used to make very warm and very soft cold weather running socks.
  • Moisture Removal – Many cold weather running socks have a form of moisture removal. One of the most efficient moisture removal systems consists of thin dual layers of quick-drying materials. The inner layer remains permanently dry due to osmosis, while the outer layer dries off the remaining moisture.

Cold Weather Running Sock Reviews

Here we have a fantastic selection of cold weather running socks for your perusal.

  • These are top of the range quick drying cold weather running socks, tailored for running, hiking, cycling and more.
  • The dual layer moisture elimination system works highly effectively, the outer quick drying layer absorbing all moisture from the inner layer.
  • These socks are seamless and protect your feet from blistering entirely.
  • The material consists of 42% olefin for the best fast drying result!
  • These running socks fit well, being 5% nylon and elastic band free for ultimate comfort and no circulation restriction.
  • Enjoy these comfortable socks that are built to last a long time in cold climates.

  • These Canadian Thermal Winter socks are perfect for all cold weather running and have been designed to tolerate extreme conditions such as snow.
  • The fiber composition of the socks is 70% merino wool and 30% nylon for an ultimate soft, luxurious feel that will keep your feet warm.
  • Nylon padding underneath the feet will cradle your arches, add extra heat and contribute to alleviating foot pressure.
  • The Merino Wool used in the socks has been imported from the best sources in Australia for the best possible quality.
  • These running socks extend up to just before the calf for maximum insulation.

  • These socks are made to keep you warm in the cold conditions of a Canadian Winter.
  • With a fiber blend of 60% Superwash “No Itch” Wool and 40% Nylon, these socks will keep you well insulated and comfortable whilst hiking or running.
  • Made according to the Canadian troop specifications, covering the entire calf without constricting your legs.
  • The foot pads have a decent level of cushioning for maximum warmth, comfort and foot protection.
  • These socks are great at wicking moisture away naturally, letting your feet breathe and keeping them dry.

  • This is a pair of socks that can keep your feet feeling pampered and dry all year round if you live in a cold place that doesn’t snow.
  • These socks have a dual layer moisture elimination system, using 63% olefin to dry the socks rapidly while you’re on the run.
  • The padding on the underside of the feet gives a medium density support, making your run feel much lighter and more comfortable.
  • If your feet smell bad on a constant basis, these socks will also help to control odor.
  • The heels come with an anti-slip wedge to keep you and your socks secure during athletic activity.
  • Ideal for hiking, cycling, running or everyday use.

  • Say goodbye to sweaty socks on those long cold days in your physical day job or favourite outdoor past time.
  • These socks are made ultra thick with a moisture elimination system for those who run or work in cold, wet conditions.
  • The dual layer moisture elimination works using a highly absorbent layer of olefin, making short work of the moisture in your socks.
  • The toes are seamless and padded for additional protection.
  • You can use these socks in hot or cold conditions, but they are particularly good in cold conditions.