Cat Knee High Socks

Knee-high cat socks have taken cat lovers around the globe by storm!

Please find out more about why you should get a pair either for yourself or a friend, what their best features are as well as nine fun facts about cats that you probably didn’t know.

Reviews: Best Cat Knee High Socks

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  • These super slinky cotton cat socks are adorable, slimming, sure to brighten up your day, and will give you a cute aura when going out.
  • The socks are breathable and incredibly comfortable, made with a superior blend of cotton and spandex.
  • 11% nylon in the mix adds extra reinforcement to the socks and ensures they last through multiple washes.
  • Perfect for wearing casually, at parties, for cosplay, or to give your cat-obsessed friends the best gift ever!
  • It is also available in various other cute animals and colors, including a dog, bear, and panda – mix and match in pairs of two or three.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Total Score100%96.5



  • These BOWKITE cat socks will get you a lot of compliments on top of keeping your feet very snug.
  • It is made from stretch cotton that can comfortably accommodate any calf size up to 11 inches thick.
  • The socks’ undersides are reinforced with nylon to last longer without getting holes.
  • Take these cats with you wherever you go, and in turn, they will keep you warm and comfortable.
  • These knee-high socks will not fall or leave marks as a non-binding knitted band holds them up.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Total Score100%95.25



  • If you are looking for the cutest pair of knee-high socks with cat portraits printed all over, then look no further.
  • Available in gorgeous pale pink, these cats will follow you everywhere while adding a delicate undertone to your outfit.
  • Made from soft and comfortable cotton, the socks are moisture-wicking and allow your skin to breathe.
  • The slight stretch of the socks allows them always to hold a perfect shape and stay up on your legs.
  • Keep your legs cozy this winter in style with your favorite feline companions.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Total Score100%94.25



  • If you want a pair of knee-high cat socks but have problems with the socks always falling, then here are a great pair of stockings for you!
  • These stockings give the illusion of wearing knee-high cat socks without the hassle of continually pulling your socks back up.
  • These cats’ design is ideal for cosplay and dressing up, with a cat face on each of your knees and a cat’s tail following behind.
  • Perfect as a gift for all female cat lovers who want to have cats literally at their heels at every step.
  • Since these are pantyhose, they will keep your whole leg warm and not just your calves and feet.


10 Fun Facts About Cats That You Probably Didn’t Know

Did you know that…

  1. Cats hate sugar and are genetically prone not to tolerate it.
  2. Male cats are usually left-pawed, and female cats are usually right-pawed.
  3. No matter how far your cat travels, it’s always able to find its way back home.
  4. Cats have outnumbered dogs by 3 to 1 in the United States and are the most common household pet in the whole world – that’s right, cats do rule the world!
  5. While Issac Newton is thought to have invented the first cat flap, cat flaps are ancient inventions that have been around for centuries.
  6. Nutmeg, the cat, is the world’s oldest cat, currently alive at 31 years old!
  7. Cats, giraffes, and camels are the only animals in the world that walk by moving both right legs forward first, followed by both left legs.
  8. The collective noun for a group of kittens is a kindle, while lesser-known collective nouns for adult cats are clowder, clutter, glaring, and pounce of cats.
  9. Cats can survive a fall of up to 65 feet (please don’t try to prove this fact at home).
  10. A cat’s purr vibrates at the same frequency at which our muscles and bones repair themselves, making cat purrs highly medicinal.

5 Reasons To Get Knee High Cat Socks

The main reasons people love to get cat socks are as follows:

  1. To Honor Cats – While cat lovers may not worship cats as Gods as they once did in ancient Egypt, many of us still feel highly devoted to our feline companions. What better way to express this than to embody the spirit of the cat through your wardrobe?
  2. Confidence – Many knee high cat socks are quite slimming. On top of this, felines have been associated with confidence (think lions) and sexuality for centuries. In other words, wearing certain cat socks can boost your confidence, self-image, and sexual appeal in more than one way.
  3. To Smile – Cats are a great source of happiness for their owners, and sometimes just a friendly reminder during the day (such as looking down at your cute cat socks) can instantly boost your mood!
  4. Dressing Up & Cosplay – Cosplayers and those that love to dress up for parties or other occasions are very fond of cat knee-high socks.
  5. Gifts – If you have a friend who is cat-obsessed, a pair of adorable cat socks is probably a golden gift to give them.

Features of a Quality Knee High Cat Sock

Look out for these best features when looking at purchasing knee-high cat socks.

  • Compression – Compression socks are great if you are on your feet all day or have swelling. They work by contracting your blood vessels at strategic points on your feet and calves, thereby forcing your blood to rely on microcirculation. This, in turn, increases blood flow, improves energy levels, and gets your heart pumping.
  • Non-Binding Elastic – Make sure the socks do not have a binding elastic band, or they will restrict your blood circulation. This can be incredibly uncomfortable when wearing the socks for long periods and can also leave marks on your legs.
  • Moisture-Wicking – For moisture-wicking, we also recommend diabetic over the calf socks that will allow the moisture to pass through the fabric. This is important for ensuring that your feet remain fresh and dry. Dry feet are less likely to have foot infections or blisters.
  • Stretch Fabric – If the socks have a small percentage of spandex in them, then they will fit you better and feel snugger on you.
  • Reinforced Heels and Toes – The heels and toes of socks tend to wear out first. A pair of socks reinforced in both these areas will last a long time.

Comparison Table: Top Rated Cat Knee High Socks

1AM Landen Women's Cotton Cat Socks - Knee High Stretch Cotton Cat Socks
  • Non-Binding
  • Breathable
AM Landen97.6
2BOWKITE Women's Cat Socks - Knee High Kitty Portrait Cat Socks
  • Stretch Cotton
  • Reinforced
3JJZG Women's Cat Socks - Adorable Knee High Cameow Cat Socks
  • Soft Cotton Comfort
  • Breathable
4Rbenxia Women's Cat Sock Pantyhose - Cute Knee High Cat Sock Pantyhose
  • Always Stays Up
  • Cat Tail At Back

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