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Keeping yourself warm in winters would be your topmost priority. However, nothing would work better than the cable knit socks. These socks would not only provide you with warmness or comfort but will enhance your styling game.

It can be tempting to choose the best socks from the wide variety available in the market. But we have compressed all the important considerations to help you in choosing the best socks. Read to know more about these considerations in detail.

Features of Good Cable Knit Socks

These lists of features would help you to choose the cable socks knitted by hands that are durable and provide worth of investment. You can consider these features mentioned below to make a better choice.

  • Material – Choosing socks made with good material will provide you with much-needed comfort and relaxation throughout the day. Also, the knitted socks should be made from woolen or acrylic material with a blend of cotton.
  • Length – Getting a pair of extra-long socks would be a plus point for you only as you will have the authority to decide where they should stop on your legs. Also, you can experiment with your styling to create an attractive look.
  • Non-Binding – You should specifically lookout for the socks not using an elastic band at the top. Instead, find the ones with knitted ties or non-binding elastic to prevent the unwanted marks or blood circulation cut off to your feet.
  • Breathable – Comfort is essential when buying socks. Look for knit and crew socks that are made from breathable fabric to dissipate moisture. They provide the ultimate comfortable experience to the users.

Benefits of Wearing Knitted Cable Socks

The majority of people are using knitted socks due to their unmatchable features. Let us have a look over some of the features of wearing cable knitted socks.

  • Comfortable – Knitted socks are the most comfortable socks in the category because they are made from the purest woolen or acrylic fabric. Some of the knitted socks feature interior padding to enhance the comfort level of the user.
  • Stylish – One of the major benefits of using knitted socks is they come in a variety of color and design options. Therefore, you’ll have an easy time choosing any one of them according to your comfort and choice. You can keep your styling game on point with the best cable knit socks.
  • Warmness – Knitted socks are made from materials that can keep your legs warm. They are perfect choices for the people who want to keep their styling game on point during the winters as well. You’ll no more have to struggle with old socks and the cold feet with the knitted socks.
  • Multiple Size – These socks are available in a bundle of size options. You can choose the most reliable size for your needs and styling. It is usually recommended to look for long socks as they can be styled in multiple ways.

Tips to Care For Your Knitted Cable Socks

We all know about the benefits of using cable knitted socks and their features. But their durability depends on the factor of how you care for them. It would be best to have an eye on the below tips for taking proper care of the cable knitted socks.

  • Don’t Wash in Cool Water – Woolen knitted socks are sensitive, and washing them in cold water can damage their fibers. Therefore, you should always use warm water for washing them.
  • Say No to Drip Drying – You can wash them in machines but drying them using a dryer can be harmful to their fibers. It’s better to use a line drying method as it will take a bit of your time, but it will end up saving the durability of socks.
  • Don’t Use Them Without Shoes – Knitted socks are perfect to wear indoors and move from one place to another. But if you are going out, then you should not forget to put on shoes over them. Using them without shoes will have a great impact on the life of your socks.

Reviews: Best Cable Knit Socks

Here we have brought a list of some of the most reliable products for you that would be an ideal choice for you. Also, please see this page that might have some affiliate links.

  • These socks are made from a woven blend of spandex, polyester, and acrylic to provide much-needed comfort.
  • It features silicon rubber grips on the sole to prevent slips and falls while walking so you don’t need to worry while moving.
  • The premium and well-made design of the socks makes them an ideal choice for women.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Soft Fabric15%95
Total Score100%96.5

  • The high-elastic and multicolor material of the socks makes them look fashionable and cute.
  • It is made from acrylic material and is known as the winter warm floor socks.
  • They are the ideal gift items for your loved ones as they are super soft and warm.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Soft Fabric15%90
Total Score100%95.75

  • These socks are made with an ideal blend of polyester, acrylic, and wool, perfect for women US size 5 to 9.
  • It is a durable product and has the required thickness that can be easily matched with the clothes.
  • The medium-weight thickness with a thick cushion sole in these socks is everything that will be required to stay warm during winters.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Soft Fabric15%90
Total Score100%94.75

  • These are multiple-season socks that are cable knitted beautifully to keep your styling game on point.
  • The breathable material and low-lying seams of the socks ensure comfortability.
  • Its durable construction and lightweight material make it ideal for wearing with any type of shoes.

  • These socks are made with a cotton blend and feature anti-slip fiber to avoid falls.
  • The breathability feature of these socks allows your feet to stay warm and dry throughout the day by dissipating moisture.
  • Lian LifeStyle Socks are made with the purest material to provide the ultimate comfortable experience to the users.

  • These over-the-knee-high knit socks come in a pair of 3 different colors and durable material.
  • The high-quality material used in the socks provides a stable and stretchy finish than the standard socks.
  • It is available for the most common women sizes, primarily US 6 to 10 number.


  • The socks consist of high-quality acrylic wool and will fit most women.
  • They are thick and knit in design with an elastic closure.
  • There are more colors available, but they are however a one size fits all design.
  • They are warm and cozy for cold winters.


  • Thick and warm cable knit socks for winter.
  • They consist of acrylic wool and are ideal to use as boot socks.
  • There are more colors available for your perusal.
  • The socks are longer in length and very comfortable.


  • Thigh-high cable knit socks for ladies.
  • They offer excellent warmth and comfort.
  • The socks consist of acrylic fibers and are a cable knit design.
  • Ideal for all occasions and forms of wear.


  • This is a pack of five cable knit socks for ladies.
  • They are war and colorful.
  • You can also choose your set of colors.
  • They consist of polyester, genuine wool, and cotton.
  • They are likewise fully machine washable.

Index Table: Top-Rated Cable Knit Socks

1YEBING Store Women's Fuzzy - Winter Slipper Socks
  • Non-Skid
  • Comfortable
YEBING Store96.5
2SherryDC Store Women's Cable Knit - High Boot Socks
  • High-Elastic
  • Acrylic Material
SherryDC Store95.75
3TINTAO Women's Crew Knee - Knit Socks
  • Durable
  • Multiple Use
4Floral Find Store Women's Winter Boot - Knitted Cable Socks
  • Extra Long
  • Durable Construction
Floral Find Store96
5Lian LifeStyle Women's Thigh High - Cotton Knit Socks
  • Breathable
  • Imported
Lian LifeStyle98
6TeeHee Women's Multi Pair - Knee High Socks
  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Perfect Fit
7Beautyu Women's Classic - Thick Cable Knit Socks
  • Thick
  • Warm
  • Durable
8Sherry DC Women's Long - Cable Knit Socks
  • Longer Length
  • Thick
  • Cozy
Sherry DC97
9Varwaneo Women's Fashionable - Cable Knit Socks
  • Cable Knit
  • Thick
  • Acrylic
10Loritta Women's Vintage - Thick Cable Knit Socks
  • Polyester and Wool
  • Five Pack

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