The Best Boot Socks for Your Feet

Whether you live in a cold climate or work in a cold environment, there is nothing like a pair of boot socks to keep your feet warm or a pair of boot socks to fit your legs as well as what features a good large calf sock should possess for maximum comfort.

Read down below to learn more about what materials make the best boot socks, thick boot sock, military boot socks, winter boot sock, online buying precautions and what features make a boot sock extraordinary and fit for you.

Best Boot Socks

1. Thick Boot Socks

Boot Sock Fibers and How They Work

Thick boot socks that are designed for keeping out frigid temperatures are usually made of a combination of two or more of these fibers:

  • Wool – wool is one of the best possible insulating fibers you can find. It’s breathable, moisture-wicking dries fast and feels very comfortable! Wool is also naturally flame resistant and antibacterial.
  • Acrylic – acrylic can be described as a man-made wool, being constructed of synthetic fibers to achieve a similar effect to wool. Acrylic is not as flame resistant as wool and tends to shrink more easily. However, it does confer longevity, comfort, and insulation.
  • Spandex – spandex is what sock manufacturers use to make a sock stretchy, very comfortable and best fitting. Lycra and elastane are other patented names that spandex goes by. If fabric says “stretch” before it, such as ‘stretch nylon’, it means that it has been imbued with spandex before being knitted into the sock with the other fibers.
  • Nylon – nylon was the first synthetic fiber created. It is cost effective to produce and increases the durability of socks. Nylon has also been used to make socks more comfortable, used to make sturdy padding or compression.
  • Olefin – olefin is a synthetic fiber used largely for outdoor equipment and swimming costumes. Olefin’s main characteristic is that it is quick drying, which is of critical importance in a cold weather sock!

Thick Boot Sock Online Buying Precautions

Before ordering a potentially brilliant pair of thick boot socks online, here is a short checklist that will help you assess if they’re suitable for your needs:

  1. Sizing – many online sock purchases are unsatisfactory because of the sizing of the socks. If you have very large feet or calves, it’s a good idea to get a size up – you can always return them for a size up or down at a later stage. If the sock has a larger percentage of spandex in it (over 8%), being strict about sizing becomes less necessary.
  2. Binding – this is particularly important for those who have diabetes, swelling in the calves or insufficient blood circulation. Cheap boot socks use elastic at the top of the socks to hold them up, which can cause a loss of blood flow as well as aches and pains in the legs. Be safe and get a pair of non-constricting boot socks.
  3. Breathability – You need your socks to allow your skin to breathe, or else you will sweat and have cold, wet feet all day long! As a rule of thumb, natural materials breathe better than synthetics. Double check that your thick boot socks come with either a portion of wool or some moisture elimination.

The Best Work Boot Sock Features of All Time

A basic thick boot sock for harsh icy conditions should keep your feet warm as well as dry quickly to rid your feet of excessive moisture. That’s not all thick boot socks can do! These features will make your boot socks extraordinary by comparison.

  • Reinforced Underfoot Padding – many work crew boot socks come with a thin layer of padding, making walking a lot more comfortable. Some of them can redirect impact from your feet, fending off foot fatigue and arch pain.
  • Odor Resistance – a build-up of perspiration, even in moisture wicking socks, can lead to very smelly feet after a hard day’s work. Specialized socks have been infused with odor resistance, allowing feet to stay fresh and smell good. Antimicrobial socks may also eliminate odors which are commonly caused by bacteria or fungus.
  • Dual Layer Moisture Elimination – the best form of sock moisture wicking is a dual layer moisture elimination system. The inner layer is usually made from an absorbent material that keeps your feet warm and soft. The outer layer is generally made of pure olefin for incredible fast drying action. The moisture hops across to the outer layer instantly, wicking away while keeping your feet permanently dry.
  • Seamless – sock seams are the number one cause of blisters, especially in thick boot socks. A seamless sock removes this issue entirely, letting you enjoy your socks without creating any friction in your boots.
  • Compression – if your feet ache or feel swollen, a mild compression sock could be of great benefit to you. Compression socks give specific areas of the foot and calf a light squeeze, forcing the leg to rely on micro circulation. This makes it easier for blood to flow away from the feet, enhancing energy levels and reducing foot pain.

Reviews: Thick Boot Socks

Below we have compiled a list of some of the best boot socks available online to make it easier for you to find your match.

  • For all those who enjoy braving snow on the tundra or who work in cold, rugged conditions, these socks will keep your feet warm, secure and protected.
  • Made of a sophisticated blend of wool, nylon, acrylic, and spandex, for long lasting comfort and insulation.
  • The heel and toe portions of the sock offers reinforced padding for exceptional comfort and pressure relief.
  • The top of the sock stays up without a binding elastic, using a good old-fashioned cable knit design that also doubles up the sock’s insulation.
  • FastDry Technology (patented by Carhartt), ensures ultimate moisture wicking and keeps feet dry.
  • Ideal for working out at sea, in snow or just keeping your feet comfortably snug in freezing climates.

  • These thick boot socks are perfect for somebody who leads a highly active lifestyle in exceptionally cold weather.
  • Made of a pure yarn blend, these socks are breathable, warm and cushion the feet with a natural softness.
  • Great for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, hockey or for strolling around in the snow!
  • Superior moisture wicking technology keeps your feet perspiration free, making these socks feel even warmer than they are.
  • Pure Athlete is confident that these socks will last you a lifetime, and as such have included a lifetime warranty as well as a 30-day money back guarantee to test them out.

  • The popular US brand Thorlos caters to those who live in cold climates that require medical-grade orthopaedic foot support.
  • These thick knee high boot socks have superior underfoot padding, covering the entire underside of the feet.
  • The seams are designed to be low profile so as not to rub or cause friction and blisters.
  • The Thorlorn fiber blend found in these socks is soft, warm and incredibly comfortable, as well as being exclusive to Thorlos.
  • If your feet don’t feel better, you can contact Thorlos at any time for your money back, and they will be glad to assist you.

  • With a brand name like Workforce, it’s no surprise that these socks are fantastic for use as work boot socks to keep feet protected all day long!
  • Made from 60% wool, your feet will feel pampered and warm while you wear your boots.
  • The socks are elastic free, holding themselves up with a soft wool cable knit that rests comfortably under the knee.
  • The ribbed design allows for additional ventilation, moisture wicking, and perfect insulation.
  • Ideal for wearing in hiking boots, work boots or in cold weather.
  • These socks are available in a cost effective pack of three and will last you a long time.
  • To care for them, make sure to only wash in cold water.

  • Sox Shop has designed these knee high boot socks to match the standards of the Canadian Army, making them fit for troopers and adventurers alike!
  • Knee high, they cater for freezing climates and are built to keep feet from freezing over in Canada and other frigid climates.
  • Made from 60% itch-free wool and 40% durable nylon, these socks will stay in excellent condition for a very long time.
  • The soles of the socks are thickly cushioned to keep feet comfortable in rough work boots or hiking boots.
  • These thick boot socks are naturally moisture wicking and will stay up without constricting blood flow.

2. Wide Calf Boot Socks

Are your calves 20 plus inches wide and no matter what you try, it’s impossible to find boot socks that fit AND stay up? That’s where this post steps in to help! For more, read further to learn about where you can find boot socks to fit your legs as well as what features a good large calf sock should possess for maximum comfort.

Common Problems Large People Experience With Boot Socks

If you are a larger individual that has decided to vamp up your wardrobe with boots or suddenly got a job that demands wearing boots, there are a few issues you will need to know about first. The boot is one side of the conundrum, but a boot sock is another entirely!

You need to make sure that your socks are not:

  1. Too Small – naturally most socks will be too small for a larger individual. Make sure you know your foot size and look for special extra big sizes. Many socks look big enough or seem able to stretch, but that does not mean it will fit your feet.
  2. Falling Down – A sock may fit you and then when you want to look good in your boots, they will keep falling because the calf part is not wide enough. Some are happy to use gel to slick them up; others use elastic bands. Neither of these solutions is helpful to your condition, in the long run, both of them leading to further expenses.
  3. Restricting Blood Flow – some socks stay up on your legs thanks to tight elastic components. If this restricts your blood flow, you are in trouble, especially if you have a difficult feeling your feet. Modern boot socks are made very finely with specialized fibers that can comfortably stay on without blocking off your blood supply.
  4. Blocking Breathability – sweaty feet can lead to foot infections which can be dangerous if you can’t see your feet when you look down! All the horror stories of diabetic feet amputations are there for a reason… Luckily modern fabrics come with moisture elimination systems to prevent a build-up of sweat. Keeping your feet clean should take care of the rest!

Why A Specialised Sock May Be More Beneficial Than Just a Larger Sock

If you have wide calves, it could be from a variety of different reasons, and most of those reasons are related to medical conditions. Those who are obese will likely suffer from diabetes, high or low blood pressure conditions, stiffness in the joints, varicose veins, excessive sweatiness and more. This is where a specialized sock comes in super handy (not just one that stays up!).

Specialized socks for these sorts of conditions are usually all labeled diabetic socks, even though they can help alleviate a number of different symptoms. They are generally very soft, a little thicker, very breathable, very flexible and have less in the way to cause friction. This is especially important for those with blood flow problems because as with diabetics, you stand a chance of hurting your feet and not feeling it. Wearing specialized boot socks such as these will prevent blisters, lessen the chance of injury to the feet and make your feet feel like they are being pampered all day.

Best Boot Sock Features for Larger Individuals

These are some of the best boot sock features that can keep your feet safe and hold your socks up high.

  • Seamless – socks that have no seams allow much less friction to occur. Usually, that means no more blisters and lots more comfort!
  • Olefin Dual Layer Moisture Elimination – olefin is the material that swim suits are made from for its fast drying properties. In some socks, this has been taken to the next level with a dual layer, extracting the moisture from the inner to the outer layer. This results in an absolutely dry foot all day long.
  • Stretchy Spandex – spandex or lycra (same thing) are the stretchiest fabrics known to the fabric production world currently. Even just 1% can make a world of difference inside a sock, creating a stretch fiber blend that fits your foot comfortably. When combined with cotton, merino wool, acrylic or olefin, the most comfortable socks are born.
  • Padded Feet Arches – with the invention of orthotics for feet, sock manufacturers started to get inventive with the padding underneath the socks themselves. Some socks come with incredibly fine thicker parts under the arches of your feet just to provide slight pressure relief and a lot more comfort!
  • Wider Calves – of course, the main feature you want is a sock with a stretch fit calf option. Avoid socks with inbuilt elastics or seams and try to find those with higher concentrations of spandex. It also helps to measure how many inches your calves are as many larger socks mention how wide they can stretch.

Reviews: Wide Calf Boot Socks

After lots of searching far and wide, these are some of the best wide calf boot socks that we could find available for purchase online.

  • These socks are made from 65% cotton, 33% spandex and 2% spandex which will make for a very sturdy, breathable and stretchy sock!
  • Completely seamless, you never need to worry that your feet will blister or bruise inside your shoes.
  • These socks can be worn by men and women.
  • Not suitable for calves measuring more than 21 inches in circumference.
  • These socks are also available in many other fun colors, patterns and designs, the signature of Sock It To Me’s incredible range.
  • Ideal socks for diabetics or obese people who need a pair of comfortable boot socks to work with.

  • These socks have helped many wide calves find a perfect match for themselves.
  • When you make an order, you can give the measurement of your calf (up to 22 inches wide) and the manufacturers will send you a custom size!
  • Made from nylon, polyester, and spandex for a tight, comforting fit.
  • These comfortable socks are meant for mild compression to aid swelling feet that suffer from pain day in and day out (some diabetics will not be able to wear these socks).
  • Comes with a three-month Guarantee to allow you to take your time to decide if you want to wear them or not.
  • These socks are anatomically made to cushion your feet with built-in foot pads and a 200 thread count.

  • These primarily acrylic socks are made with the wide calf person in mind, being able to stretch up to 40% more than average socks.
  • The socks are thicker and made for use in winter boots.
  • Most people love just how soft these socks feel on their feet.
  • While these socks are not seamless, the extra soft toe seams are specially stitched out of the way to avoid causing any harm.
  • Ideal for edema, swelling, diabetics and those who have calves that are larger than life!
  • Available in three different colors.
  • Made in the USA.

  • These nearly pure cotton socks are so soft on the feet, you won’t want to ever take them off!
  • Up to 20% wider in the foot and calf portions, these socks should not restrict blood circulation.
  • 2% spandex and 7% nylon added to the cotton allow it to stretch to a comfortable fit around most wider calf sizes.
  • Ideal for those with swollen feet, swollen calves, diabetics or similar conditions.
  • Work all day long without feeling sore due to faulty socks.
  • Available in a pack of three and in three different colors.
  • Made in the US.

  • These socks are made for superior fit from superior quality materials!
  • The calf portion of these socks stretches up to 25% more than ordinary socks.
  • Although not seamless, the seams are designed in a ring toe design which makes them entirely diabetic friendly.
  • The sock is made of mostly cotton, with nylon and spandex to complete the loose fit comfort that stays up on your legs.
  • The soles of these socks are cushioned with extra fine stitchwork to support your feet.
  • Ideal for swollen calves or feet to help them feel better and provide pressure relief.
  • These socks are very durable and will last you a long time.
  • Made in the USA.

  • These are probably the widest calf knee high boot stocking socks you will find.
  • Made from a crazy 16% spandex, these socks can stretch up to 24 inches (sometimes more) without restricting blood supply to the feet!
  • These socks are so stretchy that if you have calves under 20 inches in size, you will not be able to wear these without them falling.
  • If your legs are in a cast and you need large socks to wear over, these can also double as post-surgical socks to stretch over bandages.
  • Perfect for those who suffer from lymphedema, lipedema, edema, obesity, diabetes and more.
  • The majority of the sock is made with very soft cotton for the best breathability and comfort.

3. Winter Boot Socks

Before you go and buy an ordinary pair of socks for Winter, consider doing your homework, especially if you live in a very cold place! In this buyer’s guide, we will cover winter boot sock basics, what materials are the best to go for and why it’s so important to purchase the best winter boot socks.

The Importance of Proper Winter Boot Socks

Winter boot socks are important in winter for three main reasons:

  1. Sweat and Excess Moisture – if you buy an ordinary pair of socks, your feet may sweat too much which could cause them to freeze in snowy weather! Specialized boot socks exist that extract moisture as quickly as possible, keeping your feet dry and toasty.
  2. Friction – if you buy a cheap pair of socks, they will likely have seams. Socks with seams are more likely to rub your feet and create blisters. These socks in themselves can cause friction inside some boots and wearing a double pair does not help, but in fact, brings double the trouble!
  3. Temperature Control – if you do not get the right winter socks, you also stand a risk of freezing just because the sock does not provide enough insulation or layers for your toes. Thermal gear will keep your temperature warm and regular, specially designed for extreme weather conditions.

The Best Winter Boot Sock Material Fibers

The best winter boot socks available are made up of wool. Merino wool is one of the best wools for this purpose, insulating very well and lasting an incredible amount of time. Wool is naturally breathable while still holding the heat in. Wool is also thick enough to absorb excessive sweat. When wool is in combination with any of the following fibers, it gains extra benefits, however, it should be mostly made up of wool for the best results.

  • Nylon – this will create a slight extra firmness to the sock and is good for a tight fitting product, especially if you have a narrow boot.
  • Elastane / Spandex – many people are familiar with spandex shorts. When the same fibers are blended in minuscule quantities with wool fibers, the wool becomes stretchy, adding more comfort to your socks.
  • Olefin – this is the material fiber you want to look out for to ensure that your sock can handle any sweatiness. Olefin dries very fast and is usually used in manufacturing swimming costumes and outdoor gear.

Top 5 Winter Boot Sock Features

Here are five of the best winter boot sock features:

  1. Dual Layer Moisture Elimination – this is a system whereby moisture travels from the inner layer around your foot to the outer layer. This usually also deals with strange odors and keeps your feet dry and warm, even in rain or snow!
  2. Chunky Merino Wool – out of all the fabrics you could want in a boot sock for winter, Merino Wool is the number one choice regarding warmth, comfort, quality, and style. Merino wool is an all natural material that will cushion your foot and keep your temperature regulated.
  3. High Thread Count – if the thread count is high, it means the holes in between as well as the stitch work will be finer.
  4. Foot Pad Cushioning – in many modern socks, parts of the feet or arches of the feet are padded with an extra infusion of another fiber at that point. This will increase the comfort of your sock and help your feet to feel less tired after a hike or long, cold day.
  5. Seamless Socks – these are socks that have no seams and are less likely to cause you blisters. Reducing friction in this way has been proven to make a huge difference to walking around in one’s shoes.

Reviews: Winter Boot Socks

Here below is our selection of the best winter boot socks available.

  • These are a favourite amongst hikers and those who love to do mountain trails in the rain or snow.
  • Made from a tight-knit blend of nylon, polyester, wool, and spandex, these socks will keep your feet secure and warm all the way you wear them.
  • The soles of these socks are cushioned with an extra comfortable material fiber for your luxury.
  • This is not a high compression sock, imparting a mild compression t your feet.
  • This sock comes available in a pack of three.

  • These socks will stay up without compressing your feet at all, so you never have to worry about cutting off your circulation.
  • Ideal for diabetics, crew members and those who work in harsh icy conditions frequently.
  • Made from 1% nylon and 1% spandex, these socks will fit your feet nicely and keep them warm.
  • The leg of the socks is open knit, allowing excess moisture to escape out.
  • These boot socks are odor resistant, keeping your feet free from any smells and wicking moisture away.
  • They are 100% seamless and will not give you blisters.

  • These wool socks are sure to keep your feet warm in Winter or extremely cold weather conditions.
  • The combination of nylon, spandex, acrylic and wool make them incredibly soft, comfortable and durable.
  • These socks can be washed in the washing machine and are made in the USA.
  • They come inclusive with odor elimination/control technology which allows them to control for any unwanted smells.
  • The sole is reinforced with sturdier fibers for extra foot support.
  • Fast Dry technology allows for excess moisture to be wicked away efficiently, keeping the feet dry for as long as possible.

  • These socks are successful at keeping feet dry and toasty thanks to the combination of merino wool and olefin.
  • The merino wool is chunky, supports the foot, is breathable, non-toxic and best of all, it feels incredibly soft and comfortable!
  • Using olefin in the pads of the feet and arches, this sock is designed to dry fast in those areas and wick sweat away from the foot.
  • Small amounts of nylon and spandex add a very mild compression, allowing for a slim fit sock that feels right at home in your boots.
  • Made in the USA.

  • These dainty socks are surprisingly fully equipped to manage the most extreme cold weather conditions.
  • Wear these boot socks while hiking in the rain or walking in the streets during the Summertime.
  • These socks have vent pads for additional breathability and are mostly made of merino wool for optimal comfort.
  • Fast Dry technology helps to prevent moisture build up, keeping your feet dry all the time.
  • You can wash these boot socks in the washing machine and never have to worry.
  • The fibers inherent inside these knockout boot socks also eliminate strange odors that may permeate your shoes at the end of a long day.

  • These are the perfect knee high boot socks to wear if you live in a colder climate.
  • Chunky and made mostly from wool, these socks are blended with just the right amount of cotton for superior comfort.
  • Designed with slightly extra length, you can bag this sock up inside your boots, fold them over or wear all the way up thigh high.
  • Made with 5% spandex and 5% nylon, these socks will stretch to fit you perfectly and will not fall.
  • Available in 3 black, gray and cream colors.

4. Military Combat Boot Socks

Wearing combat boots can be rough on the feet, leading to pains, aches, and blisters. Military combat boot socks are designed to help prevent these problems from occurring. Read further on for more info about buying military boot socks, what materials are best and which features to look out for.

What You Need To Know Before Buying A Military Boot Sock

These pointers are useful to note before going to purchase a pair of military combat boot socks.

  1. Length – The length of the sock is important for preventing blisters or rashes. Combat boots are generally over the ankle, so you are looking to get a pair of either knee high, over the calf or mid-calf length socks.
  2. Elastic – Do not opt for combat boot socks that are kept up on your leg with a sewn-in elastic band. This will cut off your circulation and feel uncomfortable on a daily basis. Instead, use a pair of combat boot socks that hold up from the stitching or a material band.
  3. Breathability – Breathability in a combat boot sock is essential for the feet to remain comfortable and fresh. Well built socks made from the right materials will help ensure that your feet can breathe.

Best Materials for Military Combat Boot Socks

These materials are among the best for use to manufacture military combat boot socks.

  • Wool – Wool is insulating, fire resistant, moisture wicking, antimicrobial and odor resistant. When the right type of wool is selected, the socks are then incredibly soft and comfortable. Wool is a favorite for use in harsh environments such as heat or extreme cold. Thinner wool socks are better for summer, and very thick wool socks are ideal for Northern winters.
  • Cotton – Cotton is better for use in moderate temperature zones, but will also help to prevent friction and blistering inside your boots. This material is natural, moisture wicking and allows skin to breathe.
  • Spandex – Spandex is necessary for stretch, which will enhance the quality of your socks tenfold. Stretchy fabric ensures durability as well as a perfect fit every time you put it on. Spandex allows for mild compression too, which alleviates pressure off the feet.

Best Combat Boot Sock Features

If you want the best combat boot socks, just get a pair with one or more of the below features!

  • Underfoot Cushioning – If the socks have underfoot cushioning, they will provide an extra layer of both insulation and shock resistance. This effectively removes pressure from your feet and prevents them from tiring out as much.
  • Arch Support – Socks that give arch support are usually reinforced by nylon and last longer. The arch support also allows you to be active for longer and reduces foot pain or discomfort.
  • Compression – Compression socks work by contracting specific areas of the feet and calves, forcing the body to rely on microcirculation. This improves circulation, alleviates swelling and reduces fatigue.
  • Reinforced Heel & Toe – The toe and the heel of a sock are traditionally the first places to get holes in them. Well not if the socks have reinforced heels and toes! With this feature, your military socks will last an incredibly long time.
  • Odor Resistance – Wool and a few other specialized fibers are resistant to odors, allowing your feet not to smell when removing your combat boots.

Reviews: Military Combat Boot Sock

Browse our quality selection of military combat boot socks below and click the ones that best suits your needs.

  • These military combat boot socks are made from 80% cotton, which means that they are comfortable and breathable.
  • The other 20% is spandex, which ensures the sock remains in great shape for a long time and will always fit you.
  • A ribbed top will hold it in place, being entirely elastic band-free and non-constrictive on the leg.
  • Comes up to the mid-calf, making it suitable for the majority of military combat boots and other similar heavy duty footgear.
  • The underside of the foot is padded for additional protection against impact, pressure relief, and comfort.

  • These military socks by Thorlos are held together by 84% acrylic, which is a synthetic derivative of wool that is more durable.
  • No need to worry about the length, these socks have you covered with over the calf protection.
  • 14% nylon gives the sock additional strength, allowing it to survive more washes without wear and tear.
  • The heel and toe areas of this sock are reinforced, making them even more durable and comfortable.
  • The non-binding vent ribbed top stitching allows your legs to breathe while holding the socks up.
  • Available in 3 different colors and packs of 3 pairs.

  • These socks are based off original military sock designs, made for enduring rough, heavy duty combat boots.
  • Made using nylon and spandex, the socks will provide your feet with a secure feel and mild compression.
  • Throughout the entire sock, there is a minimal 8-15 mmHg compression, giving your feet relief from aches or pains.
  • The socks have been treated with Scentry, which helps to prevent your socks from having an odor permanently.
  • Silver or copper filaments have been woven into this sock to confer antimicrobial effects and longevity.
  • Knee high, these military boot socks are ideal for those who have big boots or who need calf protection.

  • Made to survive the harsh Canadian Winter Time, these socks were modeled off of the very ones used by the Canadian Army.
  • 60% Wool in combination with 40% nylon does a fantastic job of keeping your socks in prime condition as well as keeping your feet dry.
  • Wool is breathable and will enhance moisture wicking off your feet, which ought to stay dry in the snow.
  • The underside of the socks have pads which offer luxurious cushioning and comfort, helpful for reducing foot fatigue.
  • The length of the socks is more than appropriate for your combat boots, coming up to just under the calf.

  • Wrangler’s boot socks are ideal for those who like to venture into rough terrain in their combat boots.
  • Made from a durable moisture-wicking material, these socks will keep your feet and legs dry the whole day.
  • The ribbed leg cuffs keep the socks up without breaking circulation or promoting swelling in the feet.
  • The bottom of the socks is half cushioned to promote protection and arch support.
  • Ideal for those who suffer from tired feet and who have to wear combat boots or hiking shoes.
  • Available in 3 different colors.
  • Comes in a pack of 3 pairs.

5. Best Work Boot Socks

Looking for the best work boot socks known to mankind? Well if you weren’t, you are now! In this article, we take a look at why it’s essential to wear proper work boot socks, as well as discussing buying considerations and some of the best work boot socks features currently available. Scroll down for more!

Why It’s Important to Wear Proper Work Boot Socks

Everyone knows why one should buy a well-designed pair of work boots, but not many people consider to follow through with an even better pair of work boot socks!

Wearing proper work boot socks will give the following advantages and is sure to make the work more enjoyable:

  • Better Protection – The work boot can protect your feet from immediate dangers, but the best work boot socks double up as an extra layer of protection. Some advanced work boot socks can absorb more shock or impact, and this is particularly important for working in construction or outdoors jobs. Proper work boot socks also protect the feet from friction or abrasion, as often the work boot collar is rough until broken in.
  • Foot Support – Work boot socks have been enhanced to pad and cushion the foot. This makes them far more comfortable than ordinary socks and allows you to work for longer without feeling tired in your feet.
  • Enhanced Hygiene – Those that wear work boots will know just how much they perspire! Good quality work boot socks will keep your feet as dry as possible and prevent bacteria or fungus from infecting your them. With fewer bacteria growing in there, your feet will also have less of an odor.
  • Durability – Work boot socks last much longer than ordinary socks, being made from tougher materials that have been reinforced for wearability.

Work Boot Sock Buying Considerations

Some useful work boot sock buying considerations before you go ahead with making your purchase!

  1. Materials – Consider the type of materials your socks are made of. Pure cotton alone will not cut it for your work boot socks, but they will enhance the comfort of the socks. Merino wool, polyester fibers, and nylon make for the best work boot socks. Do not also forget to look for olefin and spandex in your work boot socks, as the one dries incredibly fast and the other stretches to allow for comfort and that the sock stays up.
  2. Length – The length you decide on ultimately depends on your work boots. Knee high work boot socks are the safest length to buy, protecting your calves from the roughness of the boot, as well as keeping them dry.
  3. Fit – These days most socks will fit, but just in case, take a look at the sizes and the percentage of spandex inside the socks components. Spandex allows the sock to fit better, stretching to accommodate your size.

The Best Features of Work Boot Socks

This short and sweet list sums up the best features your work boot socks could have:

  • Reinforced Toe & Heel – Underfoot padding is a must-have when working long hours in your work boots, which often lack comfort in spite of protection and stability. A reinforced toe and heel provide additional padding to your feet, arch support where you need it and what’s more, they last longer than ordinary socks!
  • Seamless – The seam of the sock likes to rub against your toes, and that often leads to painful blisters when in rough work boots. A seamless sock just avoids this trouble, however, having nothing that can rub against your feet in the first place.
  • Mild Compression – A mild compression around the feet’s arches or forefoot area will make a huge difference regarding comfort. Compression enhances blood flow and alleviates pressure from these parts of the feet, warding off foot fatigue while you do your thing.
  • Antimicrobial – Technological advances have imbued today’s work boot socks with antimicrobial fibers or treatments that prevent bacteria from growing on the feet. Aside from improving hygiene and allowing you to keep your feet in your shoes for longer, this feature also reduces the smell when you take your feet out at the end of the day.
  • Multiple Layers – A sock that has multiple layers is far more efficient at dealing with excess moisture. The moisture is soaked up by the outer layers before evaporating into the air, drying your feet instantly.

Reviews: Work Boot Socks

The work boot socks we have selected below are amongst the very best, available for easy order online!

  • Drymax is one of the leading sock brands in terms of extreme outdoors socks and these work boot socks are no exception.
  • Comprising of two layers, the outer layer is made from 100% olefin, acting fast to absorb all moisture from the inner layer and drying out just as instantaneously.
  • These socks make use of ultra-thin, but very dense foot padding, providing comfort, support and shock absorption in all the right places on your feet.
  • A generous amount of spandex allows feet the room they require to breathe, fitting smoothly and resting on your calf all day long.
  • Over and above all these top features, these socks are seamless and will make your work outfit look and feel great!

  • These work boot socks were designed for the Winter, being made from a chunky blend of polyester, nylon and cotton.
  • The inside of the socks has been terry loop lined for additional warmth, regulating your temperature while keeping your feet nice and snug.
  • Heel and toe reinforcement makes for extra protection and comfort, allowing you to focus on what you have to do without tiring out.
  • Available in a cost-effective pack of four work boot socks, so that you can alternate and keep them clean.
  • The socks confer mild compression around the arches of the feet and the ankles, giving improved blood flow.

  • These socks feel soft to the touch and are ideal for hiking, camping or working in the great outdoors.
  • Made from a durable blend of acrylic, nylon, and spandex, the socks will hug the shape of your calves and feet, feeling comfortable and secure.
  • These work boot socks will last you for a lifetime – if at any point the socks wear out, contact Pure Athlete so that they can replace them for you FOR FREE.
  • Pure Athlete additionally offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, allowing you to return the socks within 30 days for a full refund.
  • Ideal for wearing in extremely cold weather, such as snow, icy areas or hail.

  • These work boot socks come in a two pack with two different kinds of socks to suit all your needs.
  • One pair is ideal for use in Winter and the second pair is excellent for use in summer in your work boots.
  • Superior arch support in both of the socks helps your feet stay on form and prevents them from tiring out.
  • The smooth toe seam is far thinner than an ordinary seam, which reduces the chance of blistering effectively.
  • Mild compression around the forefoot will give you the boost you need, promoting good circulation and better comfort.
  • Ideal for work boots, hiking, outdoor activities or simply wearing around the house.

  • These ‘darn tough’ socks, true to the brand, will last a very long time in your work boots and they feel incredibly comfortable too!
  • The seamless construction makes sure that you won’t get any blisters or discomfort during the day.
  • Made from very fine merino wool, which has exceptional moisture-wicking properties that have been utilized in professional athlete socks.
  • Naturally antimicrobial, the socks will ward off foot infections such as athlete’s foot and keep your feet feeling fresh.
  • Reinforced in all the right places for optimizing on comfort, these work boot socks will support your arches and does not fall down.

Comparison Table: The Best Boot Socks

1Carhartt Men's Arctic Wool Boot Socks - Rugged Cold Weather Thick Boot Socks
  • FastDry Technology
  • Anti Odors
2Pure Athlete Unisex Cold Weather Boot Socks - Thick Outdoor Wool Boot Socks
  • Blister Proof
  • Durable
Pure Athlete97
3Thorlos Unisex Knee High Boot Socks - Warm Thick Knee High Boot Socks
  • Orthopedic Cushioning
  • Foot Pressure Relief
4Workforce Unisex Ribbed Thick Boot Socks - Perfect Thick Work Boot Socks
  • 3 Pack
  • Heavy Duty
5Sox Shop Unisex Canadian Trooper Boot Socks - Tough Thick Soldier Boot Socks
  • Made in Canada
  • Heavy Duty Wool Blend
Sox Shop95
1Sock It To Me Unisex Wide Calf Sock - Diabetic Knee High Boot Socks
  • Seamless
  • Up to 21 Inch Circumference
Sock It To Me98
2ABD Athlete Unisex Wide Calf Compression Sock - Large Custom Calf Socks Socks for Swollen Feet
  • 90 Day Guarantee
  • Custom Made to Fit
ABD Athlete95
3Crescent Unisex Soft Winter Boot Socks - Large Stretch Calf Winter Boot Socks
  • Made in the USA
  • 40% More Stretch
4Extra Wide Socks Men's Athletic Crew Socks - Wide Boot Socks for Wide Calves
  • Comfort Fit
  • Cotton Socks
Extra Wide Socks97
5Loose Fit Stays Up Unisex Wide Boot Socks - Stretchy Boot Socks for Wider Calves
  • Stays Up!
  • Cushioned Sole
Loose Fit Stays Up97
6Xpandasox Women's Wide Knee High Leggings - Very Wide Calf Stocking Socks for Boots
  • Up to 24 Inch Circumference
  • 16% Spandex
1Universal Textiles Men's Chunky Wool Socks - Snug Wool FIber Socks for Boots
  • Firm Fit
  • Ideal for Hiking
Universal Textiles97
2Dr. Scholl’s Men's Winter Crew Socks - Diabetic Winter Boot Socks
  • Odor Elimination
  • Seamless
Dr. Scholl’s95
3Carhartt Men's Extreme Cold Socks - Socks Made for Cold Weather Boots
  • FastDry Technology
  • Odor Control
4Wigwam Unisex Premium Wool Socks - Winter Wool Socks made for Boots
  • Merino Wool
  • Moisture Wicking
5Carthartt Women's Boot Socks - Stylish Boot Socks for Moisture Control
  • Usable All Year Round
  • Merino Wool
6Style Gaga Women's Knee High Wool Socks - Chunky Wool Knee High Boot Socks
  • Wool Cotton Blend
  • Highly Fashionable
Style Gaga97
1Jefferies Socks Men's Military Socks - Mid Calf Military Socks for Combat Boots
  • Pack of 3
  • 80% Cotton
Jefferies Socks97
2Thorlos Unisex Military Boot Socks - Padded Over Calf Socks for Combat Boots
  • Acrylic
  • Pressure Relief
3Fox River Men's Military Boot Socks - Over Calf Military Compression Boot Socks
  • Odor Resistant
  • Anti-Fatigue
Fox River98
4Sox Shop Men's Thermal Military Socks - Heavy Wool Military Combat Boot Socks
  • Made in Canada
  • Underfoot Padding
Sox Shop96
5Wrangler Men's Combat Boot Socks - Moisture Wicking Combat Boot Socks
  • Arch Support
  • Moisture Wicking
1Drymax Unisex Over Calf Boot Socks - Knee High Work Boot Socks
  • Dual Layered
  • Dense Thin Padding
2Universal Textiles Men's Winter Work Boot Socks - Thick Padded Extra Warm Work Boot Socks
  • Extra Warm Lining
  • 4 Pack
Universal Textiles95
3Pure Athlete Unisex Working Socks - Over Calf Work Boot Socks for Outdoors Activity
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Breathable
Pure Athlete96
4Hi-Tec Men's Work Boot Socks - Cushioned ‘Cowboy’ Work Boot Socks
  • Smooth Toe Seam
  • Arch Support
5Darn Tough Men's Work Boot Socks - Maximum Comfort Work Boot Socks
  • Merino Wool
  • Antimicrobial
Darn Tough98

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