The 10 Best Neuropathy Socks for Better Blood Circulation

Neuropathy is a condition that usually affects your feet and lower limbs and sometimes your hands and arms.

Neuropathy is a condition typically a result of Diabetes in a person, which is one of the leading causes of Neuropathy.

Because of the similar symptoms, Diabetic socks are your best option to use when you have Neuropathy and some other helpful sock features that we will discuss further in detail.

Reviews: The Best Socks for Neuropathy

Below are some excellent options in different sock types, which all have their advantages when it comes to Neuropathy;
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As Neuropathy is a condition brought on by Diabetes in most cases, a diabetic sock is an excellent choice for Neuropathy symptoms, such as the Creswell Crew Sock.
  • It comes in a large set of one dozen pairs, so you always have clean socks to wear.
  • Durable socks are made proudly in the USA.
  • It takes a few minutes to wash the socks, and it quick-drying.
  • It is very lightweight and breathable and improves blood circulation, ideal for Neuropathy patients.
  • It offers a Non-Binding looser fit for less friction and pressure.

  • Lightweight.
  • Non-Binding.
  • Made in USA.
  • Only Black or White Color.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Seamless Construction25%100
Loose Fit20%95
Total Score100%97



Because of the risk of infection and foot ulcers in Neuropathy patients, a good anti-bacterial sock that keeps you dry and germ-free is always an excellent option.
  • Available in many colorful options that are eye-catching and fashionable.
  • A Miracle stretch top design fits larger calf sizes without sagging at the leg.
  • A blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex keeps feet dry and comfortable.
  • These compression socks will reduce cramping and help with nerve and temperature sensitivity, a perfect pair for Neuropathy.
  • Anti-microbial properties to fight bacteria and odors.

  • Boost Circulation.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Breathability.
  • A Bit Thicker.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Seamless Construction25%95
Loose Fit20%95
Total Score100%95.75



Another superb addition to Diabetic socks, from Yomandamor, with bamboo fibers that are naturally moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial.
  • It is made with 70 % Bamboo fibers and 30% elastane for a comfortable fit.
  • Available in some color and pattern options.
  • It is constructed with a seamless toe for less friction and a non-binding top design.
  • Larger and broader calf options are available to choose from as needed.
  • Stretch mesh fabric breathing holes ensure better ventilation.
  • It is made from nonslip material for safety, a durable quality that can last for a long time.
  • Lightweight socks, give you so much comfort for every use.

  • Eliminates Friction.
  • Loose Fit.
  • Comfortable.
  • Only Black or White Color.
  • A Bit Thinner.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Seamless Construction25%95
Loose Fit20%95
Total Score100%94.25



For the ladies, we have a similar option in diabetic bamboo socks from Yomandamor, ideal for Neuropathy and conditions caused by Diabetes.
  • It is made with excellent quality natural bamboo and elastane for flexibility.
  • It caters to wider calves and extended sizes.
  • A non-binding design is perfect if you have Neuropathy.
  • Less irritation with a seamless toe area.
  • Breathable and lightweight with mesh ventilation holes.
  • Available in a few neutral color selections.


How Neuropathy Affects Your Feet

Review - Neuropathy Sock 1
Before we can get to the best socks for Neuropathy, let us first take a look at precisely how it affects your feet and limbs to get the right direction when it comes to the best features of a Neuropathy sock;

Diabetes and Nerve Damage
Diabetes can cause a complication resulting in Nerve damage in the lower limbs and feet, referred to as Neuropathy.

Neuropathy Symptoms

  • Numbness in the Feet and Toes – This Numbness impedes your ability to feel anything that can lead to injuries or irritation from shoes and socks. Therefore a protective sock type with no sharp edges or seams and underfoot padding is ideal if your Neuropathy is this far advanced.
  • Sharp Pain, Tingling, and burning sensations in the feet and legs – In this instance, there still is some feeling, yet you want a sock that does not place unnecessary pressure on the feet, or on the contrary, a compression type sock to improve blood flow and relieve pain.
  • Muscle Weakness – Immobility and less activity can result from muscle weakness, another neuropathy symptom. I recommend a light compression level, and compression sock, to improve blood circulation and muscle conditions.
  • Foot deformities and Ulcers – This can result from Neuropathy and Diabetes, causing painful sores that do not heal very fast or foot deformities. In this case, anti-bacterial and hygienic properties are a must, as well as a sock that places the least pressure on legs and feet with a seamless, smooth, and non-binding design.

Do’s and Don’ts When Selecting Socks for Neuropathy

A Few Considerations When Choosing Soothe Socks for Neuropathy

As You can see, the type of sock you need entirely depends on the symptoms of Neuropathy. In most cases, a smooth and soft sock that is seamless and places the least pressure on your feet and legs is advisable because of the sensitivity and loss of feeling.

In other areas, padding may be a good option for underfoot pain or loss of feeling, and compression is also advisable for pain and swelling.

However, compression socks should be avoided when the legs and feet are numb or where there are open sores, irritation, or ulcers.

Some Precautions to Take When Choosing the Right Sock for Neuropathy

  • Ensure that the fit is loose and comfortable, and avoid compression socks when there is limited blood flow to the feet and legs.
  • In some cases, when there are swelling or edema, socks for eczema may also be recommended, but consult your physician first.
  • Also, consider your shoes. A good sock is useless if you have ill-fitting and unsupportive shoes.
  • Breathability and loos lightweight materials are ideal for Neuropathy with symptoms other than swelling, such as ulcers, foot deformities, numbness, and burning.
  • Avoid socks with sharp edges, irritating seams, or anything that can dig into the skin and cause harm or injuries.

Features of a Good Sock for Neuropathy

Review - Neuropathy Sock 2
Here are some characteristics of diabetic socks:

  • Seamless construction with no sharp edges or anything that can cause friction.
  • Underfoot padding for comfort and protection.
  • Lightweight and breathable materials such as cotton or wool.
  • Loose fit with a non-binding top that will not squeeze your feet or legs.
  • In some cases, a low compression level compression sock is good.
  • Invest in socks that can keep your feet warm to improve blood flow, such as a wool sock.
  • Fitted styles that offer a proper and supportive fit that will not slip or be too tight are ideal.

How we Test and Score Neuropathy Socks

Review - Neuropathy Sock 3
These reviews are based on intense research, analysis, and feedback from experts and real users from different digital platforms.

We spent many hours trying, testing, and scoring products for different key parameters and then shortlisted the best products in the market, saving you time and effort.

For choosing Neuropathy socks, we tested and analyzed the products on the following parameters.

  • Seamless Construction – We tested the quality and strength of the seamless construction.
  • Padding – We measured the thickness of the padding on the socks.
  • Loose Fit – We ensured that the socks are not too tight on your feet.
  • Breathability – We checked if the fabric of the sock is breathable or whether it causes any sweating.
  • Lightweight – We observed if the socks feel light on the feet, and not cause any foot fatigue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Neuropathy Socks

  1. What kind of socks are best for neuropathy?
    We recommend socks made of soft material that fit exactly on your feet so they won’t move or rub against the skin of your feet. Seamless socks are also a good choice for preventing injuries.

  2. Are compression socks good for neuropathy?
    We do not recommend compression socks when the legs or feet are numb or where there are open sores, irritation, or ulcers.
    We recommend light compression socks in order to increase blood flow and relieve the burning sensation and discomfort of peripheral neuropathy, as well as to reduce cramping and help with nerve and temperature sensitivity.

Index Table: Top Rated Neuropathy Socks

1Creswell Unisex Diabetic - Socks for Neuropathy
  • Crew Length
  • Lightweight
  • Non-Binding
2Simcan Unisex Anti-Microbial - Neuropathy Socks
  • Antimicrobial
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Non-Binding
3Yomandamor Men's Bamboo - Soothe Socks for Neuropathy
  • seamless Toe
  • Bamboo
  • Non-Binding
4Yomandamor Women's Bamboo - Neuropathy Relief Socks
  • Bamboo
  • Non-Binding
  • Stay Up Design
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight

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