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Choosing the best soccer socks can be confusing at times. For the real match, you must have socks that go with your uniform. But while you practice on the field, you must have the best socks to support your gameplay and keep you away from injuries.

This article will stress the features that are best for soccer socks. It will also help you consider things while buying yourself soccer socks.

Material Used for Building Soccer Socks

Some of the common materials used to make soccer socks are as follows.

  • Cotton – Cotton socks are usually very comfortable and have a soft texture. However, they absorb sweat that can lead to the creation of blisters.
  • Wool – It is a thermostatic fabric and can regulate the temperature. These socks are very comfortable and keep the feet dry throughout the game.
  • Synthetic Fibers – These are a combination of different material mixed together to form high-performance socks. They have good stretchability and also have an affordable price.
  • Nylon – Nylon socks are good in terms of their elasticity and are also breathable. However, they are not as durable as others.

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Qualities of Good Soccer Socks

The following are some of the good qualities of soccer socks that set them apart from other socks.

  • Anti Slippery – The biggest benefit of the soccer socks is that they provide a great anti-slip function. When in motion, slipped feet can have harmful results, so these save you from such accidents.
  • Breathable – Soccer demands 90 minutes of consistent running. The breathable nature of the socks maintains the airflow and keeps the feet dry.
  • Cushioned – Cushioning is a very helpful mechanism for a soccer player. Overstepping and constant running can make your feet tired in no time. Right cushioning saves you from this pain.
  • Seamless – Seamless socks are a huge requirement for a soccer player as when running with the ball, a seamed sock can become a hindrance and disturb the player’s motion.

Buying Considerations for Soccer Socks

Before buying soccer socks, check the following points to help you buy the right ones.

  • Material – Cotton and polyester made socks are the most preferable options for the soccer players. Cotton is highly comfortable but is a little low in breathability, and vice versa with polyester socks.
  • Length – Length can be a deciding factor in which socks you will wish to buy. Over the calf, socks are mostly used during matches to provide great comfort. If looking for training socks, then you should consider crew-length socks.
  • Sweat Resistance – As the running time is very high in this sport, you should select sweat-free socks that will keep you safe from blisters.
  • Cushioning and Seamlessness – Right cushioning and seamless socks will provide protection and comfort at the time of play, so, therefore, these benefits should not be missed while buying soccer and kickboxing socks.

Reviews: Best Soccer Socks

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Reviewed by: Eliza Ward Score: 98

  • Nike is known for its high class of sportswear, and these Nike socks are just perfect for your soccer needs.
  • It is made of synthetic fiber that helps provide it with the needed stretchability and comfort.
  • These are knee-length and provide excellent support for the feet and ankles, restricting them from getting twisted.
  • The socks are durable for a long time and won’t shrink or misfit when washed.
  • The spandex material used in its making makes the socks lightweight and easy to carry.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Anti Slip25%100
Reduce Blister20%95
Sweat Absorbing15%95
Arch Support15%90
Total Score100%96.75


Adidas® Unisex Natural Latex Best Soccer Socks

  • Enhance your gameplay with these highly efficient and premium-quality Adidas soccer socks.
  • The socks are built with 2% Spandex, 3% Nylon, 2% Natural Latex Rubber, and 93% Polyester, which provides them with great compression capabilities.
  • These are available in five different color variants to have different choices.
  • The socks are moisture-free and keep your feet cool and dry.
  • They are built with arch and ankle compression and provide great stability while running and playing.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Anti Slip25%100
Reduce Blister20%90
Sweat Absorbing15%95
Arch Support15%90
Total Score100%95.75


Under Armour® Unisex Anti-odor Socks for Soccer

  • Bring out the best in your game with these high-quality Under-Armour socks.
  • These are over-the-calf socks and have a good structure to hold your feet and ankles upright to feel no pressure while playing.
  • They are available in multiple color variants that are extremely beautiful.
  • Built with anti-odor technology, they keep sweat away from the feet, keeping them odor-free.
  • The socks have embedded microbes that reduce the player’s fatigue when playing.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Anti Slip25%100
Reduce Blister20%90
Sweat Absorbing15%95
Arch Support15%90
Total Score100%94.5


TCK® Unisex Striped Best Soccer Socks

  • The TCK-built soccer socks are among the best soccer socks in their range.
  • They have great stretchability and are highly supportive, built with cotton, elastic, nylon, and polyester.
  • The amazing design of the socks with multiple available colors makes the appearance stylish.
  • These are ideal for sportspeople who need to run as they have good ventilation and do not let their feet get tired consistently.
  • They come at an affordable price and have different sizes available for all.


TCK® Unisex Cross-Stretch Soccer Socks

  • The TCK soccer socks are engineered to provide comfort and efficiency to the player.
  • The socks are crafted with 12% Nylon, 3% Lycra Spandex, 10% Elastic, and 75% Polypropylene.
  • The extra cross stretch of the socks helps the shin guards to stay in place and provide good support.
  • These socks have multiple color choices.
  • They are designed to control odor, have antimicrobial features, and have an extremely breathable mesh.


Starter® Unisex Adult and Youth Socks for Soccer Players

  • These nylon-made soccer socks are ideal for players on the field as they have a good supportive design that doesn’t let your feet get tired.
  • The Starter-built socks come in two attractive color variants, red and white.
  • They are machine washable and do not lose their elasticity on washing.
  • These have supportive cushioning that keeps your feet safe from accidents and provides good support to the feet.
  • The socks are suitable for both men and women and have good stretchability.


CELERSPORT® Men's Adult Soccer Socks

  • These Soccer socks are made with a blend of 68.7% Nylon, 25.1% Polyester, 5% Rubber, and 1.2% Spandex.
  • They are lightweight, soft, and moisture-wicking as they pull sweat away from the skin to keep them dry.
  • The socks offer targeted cushioning for shock absorption and reinforced heel and toe with thicker yarn to reduce friction when you move.
  • They are over-the-calf in height and designed for athletic activities.


LUX Sports Store® Unisex Anti Slip Socks for Soccer

  • These socks come with double grips, both on the outside and inside.
  • The socks are designed to prevent slipping off the foot and increase performance and agility.
  • These socks are elastic and stretchable enough to fit sizes 6 to 11.5.
  • The socks also reduce post-exercise blisters and pain.


Champro® Unisex Knee-High Soccer Socks

  • These socks are made with a premium mix of Polyester and Spandex.
  • Comfortable socks reduce foot fatigue and improve performance by fitting properly.
  • These socks are moisture-wicking, breathable, and lightweight.
  • They also provide extra support at the arch and ankle and cushioning in high-stress areas to protect them.


PoTao® Unisex Sport Team Soccer Socks

  • These socks are made from cotton, and polyester, with 5% added Spandex for extra elasticity and smoothness.
  • They are no-slip, moisture-wicking, and breathable.
  • The socks are available in four sizes to meet all your needs, as well as a variety of colors.
  • These socks come with a ventilation mesh and extra cushioning for shock absorption and are form-fitting.

Index Table: Top-Rated Soccer Socks

1Nike Unisex Calf - Soccer Socks
  • Synthetic
  • Dry
2Adidas Unisex Natural Latex - Best Soccer Socks
  • Good Compression
  • Highly Comfortable
3Under Armour Unisex Anti-odor - Socks for Soccer
  • Multicolored
  • High Quality
Under Armour96
4TCK Unisex Striped - Best Soccer Socks
  • Extremely Supportive
  • Superior Design
5TCK Unisex Cross-Stretch - Soccer Socks
  • Polypropylene Built
  • Blister Control
6Starter Unisex Adult and Youth - Socks for Soccer Players
  • Good Ventilation
  • Stretchable
7CELERSPORT Men's Adult - Soccer Socks
  • Over-The-Calf
  • Nylon
8LUX Sports Store Unisex Anti Slip - Socks for Soccer
  • Inner and Outer Layer
  • High Performance
LUX Sports Store96.1
9Champro Unisex Knee-High - Soccer Socks
  • Polyester
  • 2,6,10 Pairs
10PoTao Unisex Sport Team - Soccer Socks
  • Over The Calf
  • Polyamide

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