Best Cotton Thigh High Socks

Cotton is a natural, lightweight, and absorbent material that is great in socks and widely available as a material used to manufacture socks.

Thigh High socks can be a fun and highly versatile addition to your wardrobe, so why not invest in a pair made from pure Cotton.

Reviews: The Best Cotton Thigh High Socks

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Why is Cotton Such a Great Fiber for Socks

Cotton is a very lightweight, breathable, and absorbent fiber that will last you very long and will not deteriorate easily with frequent washing. Thus it makes for the perfect fiber for a pair of socks.

Some Different Cotton Fiber Options;

  • Organic Cotton – Grown from non-genetically modified plants without pesticides or chemicals and fertilizers used. This is your ost safe and natural form of cotton.
  • Recycled Cotton – Spun from scraps of Cotton that would normally be discarded as a more affordable option.
  • Mercerized Cotton – The cotton yarn is placed through an additional finishing process called Mercerizing for more luster and softness and intensifying dyed colors.
  • Combed Cotton – Cotton fibers are treated more than standard Cotton to remove impurities and fibers and are much more soft and luxurious.
  • Cotton Blend – You will find your Cotton Blended with lycra, Nylon, Elastane, or Spandex, which is necessary to give the sock elasticity. Other materials are Polyester and Acrylics used for durability and softness.

Benefits of a Thigh High Sock

  • Fashion – You can create different styles and looks and pair your Thigh High Cotton socks with many items in your wardrobe to create a fashion statement.
  • Protection – They protect your legs and thighs against the cold and other elements.
  • Warmth – Wear them for warmth underneath boots or a short dress, or in those cold winters underneath your pajamas.
  • Cosplay and Other Dress ups – Just like thigh high wool socks, cotton thigh-high socks are ideal in cosplay and dress-up styles, they create a fun design element and fashionable trend.

Features of a Good Cotton Thigh High Socks

  • Made from 100% durable and breathable cotton.
  • Different color options are available.
  • Woven or knitted.
  • Over the knee or thigh-high lengths.

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