Best Compression Socks for Running

Sometimes our legs need an extra boost, especially after a very long race or marathon. Compression socks are great for promoting circulation in your legs, calves, and feet. Find out more below about the benefits of compression socks for running, different levels of compression, as well as the best features of running compression socks.

Best Compression Socks for Running

Comparison Table for the Best Compression Socks for Running

How Do Compression Socks for Running Work?

Professional running compression socks have a reputation for boosting performance, to aid in recovery of injuries, to improve circulation and to protect your feet and calves. Compression socks compress the veins of your calves, allowing the blood to move through smaller veins and faster to your heart. This prevents any blood from pooling in your feet. Compression socks for running have been associated with enhanced performance, but also have a history of helping bedridden patients to be more mobile. Examples of medical conditions that are helped by compression socks are diabetes, edema, and varicose veins.

Compression socks for running are usually graded, using varying pressures throughout the sock to enhance circulation in targeted areas. This makes it easier for one to put the sock on and feels the most comfortable. As a runner, you do not want a tight compression sock – the socks should fit and feel good on your legs. Consult with your medical practitioner if you have any doubts or medical concerns. One should never sleep with their compression socks on unless advised by your doctor otherwise.

Different Levels of Compression

Compression socks have different types of compression, classified by the amount of pressure they exert.

  • High Compression – high compression is usually used at select points of a running sock, such as the ankles. A high compression sits between a range of 20-30 mmHg. Patients or those who travel a lot and always have blood pooling in their feet will enjoy socks with this compression level.
  • Medium Compression – medium compression lies between a range of 10-20 mmHg and is usually grade up the calf to a lower compression beneath the knees. Medium compression can also be found in the foot part of the compression sock, providing pressure relief to your feet.
  • Low Compression – the lowest compression socks provide a pressure of between 5-10 mmHg, only mildly alleviating parts of the lower leg and feet. In running socks, low compression socks can be better for those in a healthier condition or who do not have lots of blood pooling in the feet.

The Best Features of Compression Socks for Running

Some of the best features of compression socks for running are mentioned in this list:

  • Graduated Compression – graduated compression gives the best results when being active in your compression socks. You do not want a compression sock with purely high compression or too low. Specialized compression socks for running are constructed with the compression points on your lower legs or feet being unique to the brand.
  • Arch Support – some compression socks for running come with arch support or compression beginning on the arch for support. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis or pain in the arches of your feet, a pair of compression socks with arch support could do you wonders.
  • Moisture Wicking – this term means that the compression socks will dry out very quickly, allowing your feet to remain fresh throughout the run. It’s essential to have moisture wicking socks to prevent discomfort, blisters or foot infections.
  • AntiMicrobial – an antimicrobial compression sock for running will prevent foot infections from happening, such as Athlete’s Foot. It also generally means that the compression socks are hypoallergenic and ok for sensitive individuals to use.
  • Seamless Socks – seamless socks don’t have seams and will ensure your toes nor heels get blisters from the sock rubbing against your feet. Seamless socks are more comfortable than socks with the seams in them.

The Best Compression Socks for Running Reviews

Try a pair of compression socks for running to take your game to the next level!

  • These compression socks for running are a favourite because they don’t pinch while effectively eradicating pressure on the foot and improving circulation.
  • Graduated compression throughout the feet and lower legs ensure that the socks keep your running game at optimal capacity.
  • The compression is runs along the feet, the heel, and the calves without constricting your toes too tightly.
  • The moisture wicking properties of these socks allow for them to dry quickly, making them perfect for running in wet terrain or on hot days.
  • The seamless toes will ensure that you do not get blisters while running in these compression socks.
  • The socks are also made from antimicrobial fibers to help lessen foot fungus and more!

  • A true medical-grade graduated compression is inherent in these compression socks, ideal for running, hiking or improving your circulation.
  • The Power+ Premium Performance Fabric is made with extra stretch to make it easier for you to get your feet in the socks.
  • Kinesiology Taping in the design gives your feet stability, as well as enhanced circulation in the right areas.
  • Provide pressure relief to varicose veins, leg swelling, foot fatigue and more!
  • Ideal for runners, nurses, teachers, travelers, patients, doctors and anyone who is on their feet all day long.
  • Up your game with a pair of these outdoor activity compression socks.

  • Designed for running, walking, gyming and many other outdoor activities, these Italian compression socks have a uniquely patented design.
  • Unlike other compression socks, the compression in these socks begins in the arch of the feet for unmatched performance enhancement.
  • Graduated compression from the arches of the feet up the calves and just under the knee ensure the best support, relief, and circulation improvement.
  • The stretch Drystat fibers have been infused with silver, which acts to destroy bacteria and fungus, as well as combat odor!
  • These compression socks are seamless and reduce the incidence of blisters and friction.
  • Once you receive your first pair, they are ready to wear straight from the box, pre-washed in a chemical free softener.

  • Made from 18% Spandex, these stretch compression socks feel absolutely fantastic for those who could use better blood flow and foot support!
  • If you suffer from pain in the calves, heels, or shin pain, these compression socks are there to protect you with the best possible graduated compression.
  • The seamless toes in the design maximize comfort and prevent blistering while on the run.
  • The fabric blend used allows for these compression socks to be quick drying, moisture wicking, absorbent, lightweight and very comfortable.
  • Ultra Zone ribbing on the underside of the foot provides arch support and contributes to preventing foot fatigue.

  • This pack of 3 compression socks by pure compression is a reasonable price for the value these socks are worth!
  • Graduated compression up the calves of these socks will ensure your blood circulation remains optimal all day.
  • A breathable fabric was used to make these compression socks, allowing for the best moisture management and dry feet.
  • If you suffer from foot pain, pain in the calves or the shin, these compression socks are ideal for providing pain relief.
  • Ideal for running, hiking, jogging, cycling, wearing to work or post operation.