Best Compression Socks for Nurses

As a nurse, you may have heard of how compression socks for nurses are miracle workers during those long hours.

Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s true, why and where you can get yours!

Please scroll down for more info on when you need a compression sock, their health benefits, and the best features.

When A Compression Sock Is Essential

Since nurses work exceptionally long hours, their legs and feet are often susceptible to many different problems. If any of the below medical conditions sound familiar to you, then a pair of compression socks will be worth every penny!

  • Cramps – Do you get frequent cramps in your legs or feet? A compression sock can help by appearing to massage those areas and improve blood circulation. Say goodbye to cramping and hello to relief!
  • Fatigue – Certainly, a nurse works very tasking hours and barely has time to take a break. This is where compression socks are marvelous! Keep constant energy levels and fight fatigue with a pair of award-winning compression socks for nurses.
  • Varicose Veins – Spider veins are no joke and they can often cause problems like pins and needles. If you suffer from varicose veins, then a pair of compression socks can diminish these side effects if not get rid of the issue entirely!
  • Injury – Aside from nurses, athletes will also experience injury during the game. Compression socks for running will also help to prevent injury by protecting your feet. Still, if you happen to get an injury or sprain a muscle, a compression sock is even more useful at speeding recovery.
  • Edema – One of the main uses for compression socks is that they can help those with edema. If you have edema, never get a pair of toeless compression socks. All other compression socks will reduce the swelling nearly every time!

3 Health Benefits of Using A Compression Sock

Even if you don’t have a particular medical condition, as a nurse, you can benefit from compression socks in the following ways:

  1. Improves circulation – Compression socks improve circulation, which can make all the difference for somebody who stands on their feet nearly all the time! Get the blood moving back up your legs and stop getting cold or numb feet throughout the day.
  2. Enhances Stamina – Compression socks actually give you more energy and improve your stamina. Forcing blood to rely on your microcirculation, compression socks push it back up your legs, which gets your heart pumping a bit faster. This, in turn, gives you more energy!
  3. Alleviates Foot Pain – The compression factor of these socks has a rather massaging effect and can alleviate pressure on the feet or calves. Fend off foot pain from plantar fasciitis with compression socks!

Features of a Good Compression Sock for Nurses

The best is yet to come!

  • Elastic Free – Compression socks should not contain an elastic band as this would restrict blood flow. The best compression socks do not, of course, allowing for as much blood to pump around your body as possible!
  • High Compression – Nurses want a high compression due to the nature of their jobs and the fact that they stand most of the day. A good range of high compression for nurses is between 20 and 30 mmHg.
  • Graduated Compression – Graduated compression socks are the best of the best when it comes to compression. This means that instead of having one unit of compression running throughout the entire sock, multiple compression zones have a different compression in a specific range. These zones are strategically placed to enhance your circulation and allow for optimal pain relief in the feet and calves.
  • Moisture Wicking – Since you will likely be wearing your compression socks for 10 hours or more, it is a good idea to get a pair of moisture-wicking ones. This means that the compression socks will dry very quickly and never allow your feet to stand in moisture. This will keep blisters and Athlete’s Foot to a minimum!
  • Antibacterial – For similar reasons to wanting moisture-wicking compression socks, antibacterial compression socks will prevent your feet from picking up foot infections. This is important because you will be wearing them for many hours a day, and that creates a perfect environment for bacteria to grow in unless the socks are antibacterial.

Reviews: Best Compression Socks for Nurses

Get ready to choose between some of the best compression socks for nurses on the market!

  • These double-stitched compression socks are one of the most popular, staying up all day long and easing all pain in your legs!
  • The high compression has been graduated all along with the socks, allowing them to target problem areas and provide maximum relief accurately.
  • The toes are seamless, and the material is highly moisture-wicking, keeping your legs and feet feeling fresh and happy.
  • Prevent blood clots and improve your circulation rapidly by just putting on your favorite pair of socks in the morning.
  • The washable high-quality stretch fabric is made to last a very long time.
  • The purchase comes with a free eBook on compression socks.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Moisture Wicking25%95
Anti- Slip20%95
Odor Control10%90
Total Score100%96.75

  • Here is another pair of top-notch compression socks, guaranteed to help professionals from nurses to athletes throughout the day!
  • Kinesiology taping technology helps guide the graduated compression of the socks more efficiently.
  • The socks were specially constructed out of Power+ premium performance fabric, ensuring they last for a long time without wear and tear.
  • High compression allows for full-day stamina, particularly for nurses and those who are always on their feet.
  • The fabric is also moisture-wicking and antimicrobial for maximum benefit, helping feet stay free of infections and perspiration.

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Moisture Wicking25%95
Anti- Slip20%90
Odor Control10%90
Total Score100%95.75

  • These compression socks look and feel great on your calves and feet, boosting performance and confidence while you wear them.
  • Made from the best stretch material and reinforced under the foot, indulge yourself in premium underfoot cushioning for maximum comfort.
  • The material is moisture-wicking and anti-odorous, ensuring that your feet stay fresh all day long.
  • The graduated compression keeps the feet and legs within a range of 20-30mmHg, which is perfect for those who need an energy boost.
  • Say goodbye to varicose veins, pins, needles, or foot fatigue with these performance-enhancing compression socks!

Rating CategoryWeight %Score
Moisture Wicking25%95
Anti- Slip20%90
Odor Control10%90
Total Score100%94.75

  • Made in Italy, these compression socks have been infused with the highest nano-silver quality to keep bacteria and fungus at bay.
  • The socks are unique compared to other compression socks as they allow for a four-way stretch, making them easier to pull on and off.
  • It helps tissues regenerate up to 40% faster, ensuring that you can stay on your feet longer with more stamina.
  • The graduated compression is ideal for nurses who have edema, foot fatigue, varicose veins, or diabetes.
  • Get the blood pumping today with a pair of these durable compression socks!

  • These compression socks were crafted in a spiral knit pattern to ensure that your feet are comfortable and blister-free all the time.
  • The graduated compression keeps your blood circulating optimally, preventing the blood from pooling in your feet.
  • The use of reinforced stretch fabric will allow the socks to outlast any other socks you’ve ever owned.
  • Ideal for those on their feet all day, such as nurses, doctors, and other medical professionals.
  • Reduce muscle cramping, fatigue, and pain using a pair of these high-quality compression socks.

Comfortable Copper infused compression socks that are made to provide all-day comfort and support.
  • Available in a large range of colors and patterns, from bright to neutral.
  • It improves blood circulation and prevents injuries.
  • The copper keeps you fresh and comfortable all day.
  • The Perfect sock for Nurses and hospital workers.

A comfortable compression sock with a smooth heel and toe design will not chafe or cuase excess friction.
  • Many color variations available in a three-pack.
  • Provides relief from many health issues, including varicose veins and injuries.
  • Knee-high design that will not slip down.
  • Soft and comfortable against the skin.

An ankle-length compression sock for nurses from Charmking, a well-known brand in socks.
  • Ankle length design offering compression.
  • Reduces foot and ankle pain and discomfort.
  • Very durable and breathable materials.
  • Available in a few color variations.

  • These socks are specially designed to aid in recovery from swelling, edema, and other such problems.
  • They are ideal for people who stay on their feet, such as nurses or other professionals.
  • They provide gradient compression of 20-30mmHg to relieve pressure and pain.
  • These socks are smooth, breathable, and lightweight, with optimum support cushioning on the footbed.

  • These compression socks provide graduated compression to the ankle and calf areas to improve blood flow.
  • The different compression strengths and zones are designed to support the arch, ankle, and calf.
  • The socks come with seamless toes, underfoot padding, and cushioning for maximum comfort.
  • These lightweight and durable socks are latex-free and perfect for long-day wear.

Index Table: Top Rated Compression Socks for Nurses

1Physix Gear Sport Unisex Compression Socks - Graduated Compression Socks for Professionals
  • High Compression
  • Shock Absorption
Physix Gear Sport 96.75
2Blitzu Unisex Compression Socks - Performance Boosting Nurse Compression Socks
  • Kinesiology Technology
  • Graduated Compression
3SB SOX Unisex Compression Socks - Over The Calf Compression Socks for Nurses
  • Underfoot Cushioning
  • Moisture Wicking
SB SOX94.75
4Vitalsox Unisex Compression Socks - Patented Athletic Graduated Compression Socks
  • Silver Infusion
  • 4-Way Stretch
5Carrot Unisex Compression Socks - Gradient Compression Socks for Nurses
  • Pain Relief
  • Seamless
6FuelmeFoot Women's Copper - Nurses Compression Socks
  • Copper Infused
  • many Colors
  • Breathable
  • Compression
7Laite Hebe Women's Three Pack - Compression Socks for Nurses
  • Smooth Heel and Toe
  • Compression Socks
Laite Hebe97
8Charmking Women's Ankle High - Compression Socks for Nurses and Doctors
  • Ankle Length
  • Breathable
  • Compression
9POWERLIX Unisex Nurse - Compression Socks
  • 20-30 mmHg
  • Multi-Size
10Sparthos Unisex Knee High - Compression Socks for Nurses
  • Soothing
  • Ankle Brace

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