ASICS Running Socks

Have the world’s leading running socks at your disposal by just scrolling down below! Find out more about ASICS, how to choose the best pair of running socks and what best features make ASICS running socks better than all the rest.

ASICS Running Socks

Who Are ASICS and What Do They Stand For?

ASICS is a cutting-edge sports technology company specializing in running socks and shoes. The name is an acronym of the Latin phrase ‘Anima Sana In Corpore Sano’ which directly translates to ‘a sound mind in a sound body.’ ASICS sticks true to this philosophical outlook and strives to help runners everywhere achieve higher standards and to have fun! ASICS sports gear is synonymous with crossed stripes over their socks and shoes, also known as the ‘Mexico 66’ design.

Founded in 1949 under the original name Onitsuka in Tokyo, ASICS is now an international corporation. In 1963, ASICS was actually the hidden inspiration behind the founding of Nike in the US. Their base in Tokyo comprises of multiple sports tracks and fields where a lot of research is conducted on athletes to understand the human body better. After nearly 70 years of refinement, ASICS is still at the forefront of cutting-edge sports technology today.

All You Need To Know About Choosing The Best Running Socks

As a runner, it’s important to know what to look for in your running socks. ASICS running socks covers all these bases for you in every one of their products!

  1. Moisture – Controlling for moisture is very important when running as excessive moisture causes infections, blisters and discomfort. ASICS socks are breathable and conducive to moisture elimination, allowing you to run with dry feet as long as you like.
  2. Support – Depending on what surface you run on, cushioned foot support is a great idea. Many ASICS socks have extra heel and toe cushioning, which is ideal for those who are running on a hard tarmac.
  3. Comfort – A running sock should be so comfortable that you forget you’re wearing them at all. Seamless socks that are soft and that do not slide around are the best. Luckily for you, ASICS superior selection offers this and so much more!

Best ASICS Running Sock Features

These features will highlight exactly why ASICS are simply the best!

  • Incredibly Light – All ASICS running socks are made to be ultra-lightweight, allowing you to run faster with a more aerodynamic approach.
  • High Thread Count – ASICS socks have high thread counts, meaning that they are impeccably soft and breathable. The tight-knit construction allows air and moisture to pass through very easily, keeping feet comfortable and dry.
  • Tabbed – Many ASICS socks are tabbed for additional comfort and security, keeping the sock in place without leaving marks on your legs. The tabs also help to protect runners who are breaking into new running shoes.
  • Nano Engineering – A few of the ASICS running socks available were made using nano-engineering to produce fabric knitted on a nano level! Nano is three orders of magnitudes smaller than micro, the level that your average microscope can detect. Nano-materials are incredibly smooth, soft and they feel as though they aren’t there. These socks are entirely blister resistant and abrasion proof.
  • High Density Padding – A few select ASICS socks have high density padding to keep your feet protected from impact when on the track.

Reviews: Top Asics Running Socks

Still need convincing? Have a look at the below ASICS running socks and click on your favorites for more information.

  • These low profile ASICS socks are made using a very high thread count combined with the best quality synthetic fibers to make your feet permanently comfortable.
  • A seamless toe, as well as a single ankle tab, allows the sock to stay securely in place without causing any friction or blisters.
  • The socks are 100% breathable, reducing perspiration and allowing for a quick drying effect which efficiently deals with moisture.
  • 4% Spandex and 9% nylon ensures a perfect fit coupled with maximum durability and comfort.
  • Exceptional for upping your sports game and keeping your feet nice and cool.

  • This mean pack of three pairs of ASICS running socks comes complete with cushioning and maximum breathability.
  • The lace pad cushioning on the underside compliments the band of arch support that the socks give, warding off foot fatigue while out on the playing field.
  • The low profile allows for more movement and speed, bringing your athletic endeavors to the next level.
  • Moisture management is incorporated throughout the design, allowing your feet to breathe optimally at meshed areas of the socks.
  • The single tab at the back will protect your heels from abrasion, friction and blistering, particularly when wearing new shoes.

  • This is one of ASICS top creations, being made with sophisticated Nano GLIDE fibers that are 100% abrasion proof!
  • Nearly the entire sock is made with breathable mesh ventilation for optimum moisture elimination, keeping your feet cool and dry.
  • The undersides of the socks include high density cushioning so that your feet can better handle jarring and maximum impact.
  • Soft Air Plus Yarn fibers have been used to increase durability, comfort, and performance, feeling as though the socks are hardly there at all.
  • ASICS signature single tab has been implemented at the back of the socks for additional comfort, support, and protection.

  • These basic ASICS running socks are perfect for everyone from amateurs to professionals or even for those who just want a pair of killer casual socks!
  • The top layer of the socks is entirely open and breathable, keeping your feet fresh as you’re on the move.
  • Underneath the socks rests ultra-plush cushioning which will likely feel more comfortable than the insole of your sneakers.
  • A seamless toe prevents blisters and allows you to feel as though the sock weren’t there, keeping your performance at maximum without distractions.
  • The non-binding elastic-free hem stays put around your ankles, ensuring no discomfort or circulation restrictions.

  • A new and improved Dryarn formula was used to ensure that these knee high running socks are king when it comes to moisture management.
  • Perfect for running in hot or cold weather, as a team or alone, these socks are stylish, durable and incredibly comfortable.
  • Anti-odor technology will keep your feet fresh, smelling good and allows for the socks to last a lot longer.
  • Heel and toe cushioning will support your feet and allow you to run through even the harshest terrain without worrying about hurting your feet.
  • Inclusive with a seamless toe, these knee-high running socks will be your new favorites all year round.

Comparison Table: Best Running Socks from Asics